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Sentenced: Tequila Cole to spend 30 years in prison for killing Alonna Thomas

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Tequila Cole

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County judge sentenced 22-year-old Tequila Cole on Friday, November 4th to 30 years in prison and another ten years of extended supervision.

Cole pleaded guilty in September to an amended charge of first-degree reckless homicide in connection with the 2014 murder of Alonna Thomas.

Police say Cole shot and killed Thomas following an argument at 29th and Locust in Milwaukee. Witnesses told police the women were upset because “they share the same man” — the father of Thomas’ child. A criminal complaint says Cole fired shots until her gun clicked. Thomas died from a gunshot wound to her back shoulder.

Cole was put on the most wanted list by the FBI — and she eventually turned herself in at the Milwaukee County Jail on May 30th.

Tequila Cole

Tequila Cole


  • Always Outspoken

    Another “amended charge” from the liberal Milwaukee DA’s office. Why is it that the DAs are so scared to take a criminal to court and PRESS appropriate charges? I literally can’t remember reading about a killer who didn’t get a plea deal!

    At least the judge didn’t give her a slap on the wrist. Hopefully the prison system will see fit to make her serve her full sentence.

  • Eli realist deal Easterling

    Theres “NO”such thing.
    They lower the grade of the charge 2 avoid spending the money 2 go 2 trial.
    & why would they’d rather pled outta court???, that’s simple, you’d be surprised if U REALLY knew how many of these cases was weak as a fatgirls diet disaplend.
    If 100% of the people who get arrested was 2 go 2 trial, these prosecutors would be in trouble.

  • Voni Garrett

    2 lives gone, my grand daughter lost her life senselessly and this child gave hers’ up for what, my great granddaughter is without her mother and this young woman’s child will grow up to adulthood without a mother. Black lives matter when the police are doing the killing, but it doesn’t matter when we’re killing each other, I say to all the young people, get your lives together, stop the foolishness because as you know from watching the news, you are DYING everyday at the hands of your own people… and you don’t know where or when it will happen.

    • Lynsay Ayala

      I’m so sorry for your loss. My prayers to you and your family. Prayers for all that this tragedy struck.

    • Kymbella

      Amen I am truly sorry for your loss. I totally agree with you. Too many young people are dying , or they face spending life incarcerated. The loss of one life is too many. This needs to stop.

  • Jeanette

    Now someone else is sharing her baby daddy. One person dead she in jail for 30 years and he already has a new baby mama

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