After the election, this little girl’s speech said it all

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AUSTIN, Texas — One little girl had a thing or two to say about the elections and her speech had every grown-up around her transfixed.

It happened Wednesday night at a rally in Austin, Texas — one of many around the nation where demonstrators rallied against President-elect Donald Trump.

On the steps of the Capitol stood this little girl. And her powerful message had the captive audience repeating Every. Single. Word.

“I am a female.

I am mixed race.

I am a child!

And I cannot vote.

But that will not stop me.

From getting heard.

Love is love.

And love trumps hate.”

The crowds loved it.


  • liberty

    Mom did a good job on that one. Liberal media does it again. Give Trump a chance! We let the looser Obama make it as the Worst President in History. Now we have the free loaders march because they are afraid they may loose the free stuff that the working people pay for. WOW!

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