Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters rally in the streets of downtown Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in downtown Milwaukee, and disrupted traffic Thursday night, November 10th -- voicing their concerns about the election -- upset with the fact that Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States.

The protest in Milwaukee Thursday came after demonstrations across the country Wednesday night.

Anti-Trump protesters rally in downtown Milwaukee

Anti-Trump protesters rally in downtown Milwaukee

In Milwaukee Thursday, protesters gathered at Red Arrow Park before marching through the streets of downtown Milwaukee. Their message: President-elect Donald Trump doesn't represent their values.

"I just feel dumbfounded and just numb," said Michael Drake.

The protesters shared outrage and disgust over the president-elect.

"We need to move forward. We're moving 200 years back with Donald Trump being the president," said Isaiah Lightfoot.

Drake and Lightfoot said the election on November 8th was the first they were old enough to vote in. They said the outcome was disheartening -- but Thursday's protest gave them hope.

"This is good that people care, but we need to do more than this," said Lightfoot.


All walks of life joined together. Amanda Parr brought her five-year-old daughter.

"I think America needs to see this isn't a win. All these people out here are losing something. We're taking steps back. We're not moving forward," said Parr.

The hundreds of protesters said this was only a first step -- hoping from here people would come together again.

"These protests are working, but we need to be more active in making policies," said Lightfoot.

The protesters snarled traffic downtown.

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They marched down Water Street and turned onto Wisconsin Avenue. There were several stops along the way where the crowd re-grouped. One of those locations was 4th and Wisconsin, near the Wisconsin Center.

As they went down toward State Street, Milwaukee police officers were on horseback in front of the BMO Harris Bradley Center -- where there was a Bucks game Thursday night.

There was briefly a concern the group may start walking on the interstate. But instead, they marched down 6th Street and onto McKinley.


Milwaukee police tried to anticipate the group's moves all night -- blocking streets within a block radius along the route. Along the way, FOX6 News saw many people stuck in their cars. Some honked in support, while others called the protesters "cry babies."

One woman at the start of the rally said this wasn't about party politics. She said it was about their dislike and fear of Trump.

"I think it really is people taking revenge on Obama, and not wanting to follow up Obama with a woman. They think it was too much progress too soon," said Stephanie Meyer.

The protesters made their way back to Red Arrow Park around 7:45 p.m. A small group blocked traffic in front of the Marcus Center, before taking off again.

Police said there were no arrests or major incidents.

At one point, a FOX6 News crew witnessed a woman who was not a protester, pushing and shoving demonstrators as they marched by.

No one was seriously hurt.


  • Ruano Seminer

    he was elected by the law of the land– just because you guys don’t like that does not mean you can change it by protesting or civil disruption–if you try to change it extralegally it is revolution and illegal—— the results will not be pretty—- there are legal ways to effect change- use them

  • Joe

    They are all shell shocked. They have never been told NO and they can’t understand what’s happening, It’s like something from Star Trek where the people were released from the power of Landru and had to fend for themselves first time in their lives.

    • RSSR


    • deletedagain

      There are more people that voted for Trump than Clinton. More people want to see a change. More people want to see an end to crime, fraud, murder,rape and more. It only follows that the people who voted for a criminal are most likely criminals themselves.
      I fear for this country but we were on the path to destruction. What was being done isn’t working, the system is broke. I hope that Trump is the answer

  • liberty

    I want to know how much the team leaders are being paid. Soros has lots of riots planed for this out come. There are lots of stupid people out there hat are happy to follow the paid ones. If all else fails get some that will break things it works better for the Liberal Media. Although I thought Fox News was above this.

  • Betty

    They are just angry that they are going to lose all the free handouts now. Get out and get a job and grow the hell up…Even people that wanted Hillary are willing to give President Trump a chance. All the protests in the world are not going to change the outcome.

  • Huh !

    Way Tooooo Funny….. Opposite of Hate Would Be…Peace, Love And Understanding….. Is That What These Protests (some with violence and racist rants others with chants indicating the desire to bring down the system) Are Supposed To Be Promoting ????

  • MelissaK

    Well, they can protest all they want. That is their right. Thousands may disagree and protest, but MILLIONS voted for him. Get over it. Obamacare and the ACA need to go! Illegals need to go!

    Maybe these protesting idiots should put that same energy into getting a job and taking care of their families. THEN they could make a REAL difference in THEIR own lives. This will not do a darn bit of good and chances nothing.

  • bigdaddy

    Actually they don’t have the ability to do anything great on their own to get any kind of recognition in their lives. So they protest to get on TV to feel important!

  • marcus wilson

    Back in the 1960s we were protesting against things also, the war, social injustice, and the establishment. We thought we were smarter than everybody and our causes would win. Gee we were so naive and stupid. Just because we thought we were going to change the system it never materialized and society fell on top of us and our cause. So if you want to show how your gonna make a difference after everything is settled good luck. Society owes you nothing. The system won’t change because the first female presidential candidate lost you had a chance to vote and that is all you can do. I also had a chance to vote and it cancelled out your vote. This is how ewlections work and if you don’t understand that, then get back into the classroom and study up to learn why

    • Erika

      The difference was in the 60s they were fighting for something, for a civil right that was violated. There wasn’t any civil right that was violated here. They lost, they didn’t get their way. That is the problem here. They didn’t get there way because we live in a society where parents are afraid to tell their kids they are wrong, where sports teams are afraid to tell the kids they lost, where schools are afraid to give kids bad grades and teachers can’t teach. And this is what we are left with. Kids and a society that doesn’t get their way so instead of actually protesting an injustice, they are having a tantrum in the streets.

  • JR

    Grow up people. Do you think what you are doing is showing love? You better take a good look at yourselves.
    Accept the facts that the people voted Trump in for good reason for change, for the better.You are the people causing division and hate.

  • liberty

    These are the same ones that caused problems at Trump rallies. Just being paid to do it again. Did they promise you free beer and pizza again? Shows the difference between Clinton people and Trump people. Yes you are showing what you are worth.

  • Mike Johnson

    if the shoe was on the other foot and trump lost there would be no protest no crying no b.s. the typical hardworking american supporter of pres. elect trump has better things to do with their life than cry about the results of democracy. in america this is how we get our elected officials. and after 8 years of obama america spoke clearly that they have had enough of the democrats being in control. get over it and better luck in 4 years

  • deletedagain

    Why were the police having a hard time figuring out the route the protesters were going to take? I’m sure a permit was issued for this “rally”.
    No permit, bust them all.

  • Quantum

    This website is full of judgmental idiots who will never show their face in public because they’re too afraid to express their opinions in real life. Yes I’m in school and no I don’t need a job. School is an option. I’m financially independent thanks to the company I started when I was 19. If these protests are not affecting you, then let it be. Let people do what makes them happy, even if you find no reason in it. There is no need to bash people for their’ beliefs. These people have families. These people have worries just like you do and it is these worries that have caused people to act on what they believe to be right. Let’s face it: The President has no power. The President is only the face of the country, NOT the person running the country. Wake up! We’re in the next Cold War. This election is only a distraction from the real issues that are threatening each and every one of us. Regardless of demographics.

  • Dave

    Every American had the opportunity to have their voice heard. Donald Trump is now President Elect. It is done. Get over it and grow up!

  • TT

    Did any of these idiots learn anything in school/college? Donald Trump is their President whether they like it or not!
    I did not vote for Obama, but I did not protest nor did I cry and stomp my feet like these fools.
    No maturity at all.

  • Mr.Bojengals

    The rest of the world is laughing at us, as we fight among ourselves and destroy our country from the inside. Why protest and destroy the city you live in, the city your taxes pay for? Instead of our tax dollars paying for police to be out on the streets saving lives.. they are all sitting on bikes, and horses while you people walk around with signs expecting that to change the outcome of the election. The country is heading for a civil war because in the year 2016 we somehow are still divided. Still cant unite as a country. Still cant unite as one human race to accomplish a greater goal! The truth is Trump, nor Hillary ,nor Obama, nor even Bush was going to make America great again. That is the true power of the people. So please, continue walking around with cardboard in your hands expecting a change. Continue showing the rest of the world just how un-united we really are

  • JR

    These are payed protesters that try and get others to follow there lead, and like lost sheep others do follow the herd and so they are all lost, living in a fantasy.

  • KristyM

    Nothing more than a bunch of freeloading idiots and illegals upset that their free healthcare and benefits will be coming to an end VERY soon! I am sick of paying inflated prices for healthcare because of the non-working freeloaders and welfare recipients. I take car of my own family and I work hard to do it. Maybe these morning should try the same thing. Get a job and do something to make a change for YOU! Gooooo Trump!

  • Frank B

    The election process worked. Respect the country’s decision you low life hippie losers. Protests like this have never happened before in this country. You sore loser protestors are an embarrassment to this country. Hundreds took to the streets in a city and region that has 1.5 million people! Do you not see how pathetic this is!!! Our law enforcement has to waste time and resources baby sitting you uneducated hippie sheep. Mpd should be handing out job applications to you fools. The crowd would scatter then because the entitlement generation would go scurrying back to their moms basement. Trump won deal with it.!

  • Digg

    Hey snowflakes….”He won..get over it”

    You are being pathetic at best…

    Get job and quit whining…let alone ducking off m u hard earned dollars

  • liberty

    Someone had a sign “It Should Of Been Bernie”, but nobody marched when Hillary cheated and took the nomination from him? It’s okay to cheat Bernie? WOW, you didn’t fight for him?.

  • Tom

    I don’t think they realize that protests are NOT peaceful protests if you block traffic or streets as you are interfering with the daily lives of others. They have the right to protest as we all do but we need to do it without interfering with other people who may be trying to get to work, school, home to family or even just on the way to a movie.

  • Itsabouttime

    Listen up Protester’s, today is Veteran’s Day and I hope you all respect that they fought for our country with blood, sweat and tears. On the National news stations this morning the Democrats are stating that a different candidate should have been selected then may be it would have been a different outcome. Its time to move on and be patience!

  • No Longer Silent

    The silent majority has spoken very loudly to you November 8th. Notice how we did it. In the ballot box. Not marching or yelling profanities in the street! You may want to take notes, as this is how the process works and how our country was founded. This is what Democracy actually looks like and how it really works. Deal with it. Oh, I forgot, your professors didn’t teach you that. They told you to act like a 2-year-old having a temper tantrum protesting in the street. They forgot to tell you that hard work gets you ahead, not protesting. It is just a matter of time when your support will fade and others realize the real radicals here are the ones protesting in the street. The media will also need to come to terms that this is not what America is really about and should begin to ignore them. Acting like un-civilized human beings does not bring support to your cause. We the silent majority act the way civilized people behave, not the animal mob mentality you have chosen. Don’t like it leave with the other elitist who threatened this before the election. Now look for a job and work hard to get ahead. Because the working people are sick of you disrupting the civility of our country and giving you everything for doing nothing.


      I wonder how many of these protesters actually VOTED. And do they have a job other than working at McDonalds “WAITING” for their raise to $15/hr to give me the wrong order and giving me an attitude! Work for what you want and you will get it. Not wait for a handout. Go get a education or a trade-and work your way to what you want. I’m sick of my insurance premiums going up due to those that “can’t work” and wait for the government subsidies ( yes I feel for those that do deserve it BUT MANY MORE are taking advantage of it!) I work hard for my money and deserve what I get -not to lose due to those that refuse to. THIS IS THE PROBLEM LEFTIES!!!! Stop crying and whining and make this “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”
      The wicked witch is now out of the picture GOD BLESS DEMOCRACY!!!!!! WE VOTED AND SPOKE-AND WON!!!!!! NO MORE OBAMA-WE NOW HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT -AGAIN!!!! IF you don’t like it move to canada or mexico and see how good it is…. Less crybaby’s for us.

  • Andy g.


  • A G

    Love, can you feel it, can you feel the love, me either. I used to believe that the kkk and neo-Nazi were just a bunch of bigot idiots, I also used to believe in santa claus, boy was I wrong.

  • liberty

    Go on Craigs List, you can make $1,500 a week being a protester. Soros says no experience needed! Drivers get extra.

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