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Protest takes over streets near UW-Madison during homecoming parade

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MADISON — A protest takes over the streets near the University of Wisconsin-Madison Friday night, November 11th.

The group gathered to protest against how the university handled the Badgers fan that wore a President Obama mask with a noose around his neck to a recent football game.

The demonstrators blocked several streets causing major traffic issues.

FOX6 News has been told there was so much traffic it likely caused the university marching band to miss the school’s homecoming parade.

UW-Madison will prohibit nooses and ropes from home athletic events as part of revised standards being put in place after a fan wore an offensive costume to a football game.

The school said Wednesday in a statement that nooses and ropes will be treated as weapons that “constitute a threat to safety.”

The fan behavior, carry-in and ticket policies were revised to read, in part, that “Any person who engages in violent, threatening, abusive or otherwise disorderly conduct which tends to provoke a disturbance or incite violence will be ejected from our events.”

The changes will go into effect starting this weekend, including the seventh-ranked Badgers’ game on Saturday against Illinois. The revisions were made after meetings between athletic department staff and community leaders.


  • Time to take out the Lib Trash

    Funny how they call wearing an Obama mask with the noose racist, yet they have tons of Black Lives Matter protests and activities going on and they won’t call THAT racist? Welcome to double-standard, liberal-run Madison. That whole city needs to burn to the ground.

  • walloffthenorthside

    Madison is like a bowl of healthy cereal. A bunch of fruits nuts and flakes that tear up your insides.

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