Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke: “I will serve if Trump asks me to”

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Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said in an interview Thursday, November 10th  he was open to serving in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration if a position was offered.

In an interview with radio host Joe Pags, Clarke was asked if he was expecting a role in President-elect Trump’s White House.

“I don’t expect anything. I don’t have an entitlement mentality,” Clarke said. “I told Donald Trump I wanted to help him, because I thought that this country needed his leadership. That being said, if the president asks you to serve, you step up to fulfill that duty. So if he feels that I can help him and he calls on me, sure I’ll accept it, but I’m not expecting anything.”

Clarke was a surrogate for President-elect Trump during the presidential campaign and is known for his tough on crime positions and unapologetically blunt comments. Clarke, who is African-American, also made news during the campaign for his opposition to Black Lives Matter activists, whom he predicted would join forces with ISIS.

BuzzFeed and Politico reported that Clarke is under consideration to become the next secretary of Homeland Security.

Also in the interview, Clarke criticized activists who are protesting the election results, calling them anarchists who don’t support the rule of law, though Clarke himself made news last month when he told supporters it was “pitchfork and torches time” in a tweet last month.

“When Barack Obama won in ’08 and when Barack Obama won in 2012, I was disappointed, as were a lot of people. We didn’t take to the streets. We didn’t riot. We didn’t even protest,” Clarke said.


  • Al P

    Choo Choo Tom, and Flynn, and Abele would love to see him go. Too bad because the city would really go to hell than. It is too bad the three of them don’t have any respect for the rule of law like David Clarke has and throw these protesters in jail and let them all pay hefty fines to get out. You would see how many protests would follow. I recall David Clarke doing that on the freeway ramp of Milwaukee County and the protesters never came back. There is a time and a place for protests WITH a permit but those three losers aren’t following the law and just letting them break it. Than they have the nerve to ask the state for funds to help them control their self made problems. What a joke.


    Head of DOJ or FBI would be an excellent fit for Clarke, Homeland Security would be a WASTE of this talents. And if CNN doesn’t know it the Republicans won…. they can stop there NEGATIVE USELESS comments.

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