Driver faces possible 9th drunk driving charge after pursuit in Washington County

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WASHINGTON COUNTY — A driver faces a possible ninth drunk driving charge after an incident in Washington County on Sunday evening, November 13th.

According to officials, the Sheriff’s Office received a cell 911 call from a concerned motorist about a northbound black pickup truck on I-41 near State Highway 60 that was “all over the road.”

It was reported that the truck was traveling from shoulder to shoulder and rumble strips to rumble strips. Vehicles were lining up behind the suspect driver because they were afraid to pass due to the erratic driving. As the complainant was following, the suspect driver also struck a construction barrel near County Trunk D.

A deputy attempted to stop the vehicle on I-41 south of State Highway 28, but the vehicle failed to stop.

map-routeOfficials say the driver exited the interstate at State Highway 28 and then turned around and proceeded back south on I-41. The vehicle continued southbound on I-41 at speeds ranging from 100 m.p.h. to as slow as 35 m.p.h. striking another construction barrel as well sideswiping a temporary concrete wall twice in the construction zone.

According to officials, the suspect then exited County Trunk D and “brake checked” the deputy on the off ramp.

Once on County Trunk D, the suspect stopped in the middle of the road and waited for the deputy to exit his squad car before fleeing again back northbound on I-41.

The vehicle continued at highway speeds until exiting at State Highway 67 in Lomira and proceeded into a residential area.

Both the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Lomira Police Department assisted in this case.

The suspect remains in custody of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.


  • deletedagain

    How long is it going to take for our law makers to realize that the present system is NOT working ?
    If our law makers can’t see this they don’t belong in their position. If they do see it and don’t do anything they are aiding and abetting this behavior and belong in prison.

  • Welcome to Wisconsin the "Slap on the Wrist" liberal judge state

    Well it doesn’t help that you liberal judges keep giving these repeat offenders (that obviously aren’t going to stop) such light slaps on the wrist! I had a neighbor that was arrested for a 6th time offense and he got a mere year and a half or so in jail, even with an accident as part of that crime. Such a light sentence and taking away their license doesn’t do jack for curbing this issue. Hopefully Trump gets rid of some of you lame drunk-loving liberal judges and puts in some people that will start enforcing long sentences.

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