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“I know the stuff I did wasn’t right:” Serial carjacker sentenced to 41 years in prison

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MILWAUKEE -- Brandon Newson, a serial carjacker, was sentenced to 41 years in prison on Tuesday, November 15th. Newson was 17 years old when he committed a string of seven carjackings affecting 10 victims in just a week's time.

Brandon Newson

Brandon Newson

There were 512 carjackings in 2015 in Milwaukee. Newson was sentenced for committing seven of them.

It all started on May 24th, 2015 with the first victim -- a woman who was eight months pregnant.

"The defendant approaches her and basically points a gun at her and tells her to get out of the car," said Megan Williamson, prosecutor.

A similar scenario would play out six more times -- with Newson threatening his victims with a gun.

"I want to apologize to the people he victimized," said Ruby George, Newson's aunt who spoke to the court before sentencing. "Putting him in jail is not going to help. So many go in and come out with the same problem. He needs mental help."

Brandon Newson

The prosecutor talked about how Newson's carjacking spree ended on May 31st, 2015 after he got stuck in a swamp in Waukegan, Illinois.

Brandon Newson"Ironically, he told the dispatcher that he was scared after being stuck in mud," Williamson said.

Then Newson, now 19, spoke to the court.

"I know the stuff I did wasn't right. That's all I knew at the time," Newson said. "I think I need time to understand who I am -- and I'm sure you're going to give that to me."

Prosecutors recommended 50 years of initial confinement for Newson.

Judge Frederick Rosa

Judge Frederick Rosa

Judge Frederick Rosa sentenced him to 41 years.

"This carjacking problem is completely out of control and needs to be addressed in a very forceful way," Judge Rosa said.

Newson was released from Lincoln Hills in February -- and committed these crimes in May. He had two earlier juvenile delinquency cases that were dismissed or ordered supervision.


    • Liberal judges in WI need to go!

      Now if we could get the liberal pansy judges in Wisconsin to impose sentences of this length for repeat drunk driving offenders, especially ones that cause bodily harm or kill someone!

  • sick of it all

    said Ruby George, Newson’s aunt who spoke to the court before sentencing. “Putting him in jail is not going to help. So many go in and come out with the same problem. He needs mental help.”

    Actually aunt Ruby, he needed parents. Whether that was your brother or sister who dropped that ball is now a fact that they will have to live with. Apparently nobody had the courage to actually raise the boy as opposed to just letting him grow. 41 years is a very appropriate sentence here. If he can behave himself and actually work to rehabilitate in prison, not an easy task but can be done if he is strong enough to embrace it. This is his last chance to be a man. He has a couple decades to figure out what that really means.

  • confused

    He will get all the help he needs in jail. Mental help, ged, whatever he needs to succeed crime free on the outside, auntie dear.

  • Lashonda

    This was the best news to wake up to. It’s never happened to me but I can only imagine the terror these victims went through. I am so sick of these thugs. This sentence was perfect. I hope all them other animals learn from it.


    “Putting him in jail is not going to help. So many go in and come out with the same problem. He needs mental help.”
    OK, but:
    “I know the stuff I did wasn’t right. That’s all I knew at the time,”
    Doesn’t really sound like he needs mental help. He isn’t insane, he’s just a habitual thug who preyed on the weak. However, the pregnant woman he robbed probably does now need mental help after her life and her unborn child’s life was threatened by this POS. But hey, nice of the aunt to start caring now.

  • Emogee

    His own damn fault. He’d already been in juvenile detention. Was only going to get worse. Killing would’ve been next. I have no sympathy for people who intimidate others, especially with weapons, and make them think they are going to die. Really, 7 carjackings in one week!? 10 different people including a PREGNANT woman! He’s COLD-HEARTED. He knew what he was doing “wasn’t right” but still kept doing it. Ask the victims if they think this was too harsh a sentence. Easy to say “too harsh” when a gun is not pointed in your face or at your pregnant belly. Now his guardians want to apologize? He gives a bad name to good, law abiding boys and men like my Dad and brothers who get looked at twice and prejudged because they “fit the description” of this criminal. Enough is enough.

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