MPS: Investigation into teacher at Ronald Reagan High School over; parent made claim post-election

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MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee Public Schools’ investigation into a teacher at Ronald Reagan High School is over.

A parent claimed her daughter was being singled out after the election.

She claimed the teacher intimidated her with his views against President-elect Donald Trump.

MPS officials told FOX6 News they took statements from students who were in the classroom when this allegedly happened.

An MPS spokesman said: “None of the student statements support the allegation made by the parent.”


  • Opinion8d

    I guess people just believe what they want to believe….

    Now saying that, who thinks that maybe the other are simply covering it up because they feel the same way as the teacher?!?! I just heard today that the ’13 year old ‘rape victim’ of Trump pulled her suit against him because ‘of the relentless’ bullying by others -not because there wasn’t proof. We are also inundated with stories of ‘hate’ attacks by Trump supporters yet few to any are proved true. All while the BLM movement suggesting killing cops is the answer (and is actually occurring), no mention of it is brought up by the MSM. But I guess it’s just okay to discount the accuser her…

    • sometimesarose

      She pulled her suit because money changed hands. Donnie will stop at nothing to get what he wants. She was paid hush money – maybe not directly by him, but by his minions/supporters (so he can’t be traced to any settlement.)

    • Proud Teacher

      I know this must be crazy talk to that right-wing commentor, but teachers are there to teach. I’m so tired of the teacher backlash that this state has. Teaching is hard, and not respected anymore. No one goes into teaching to get rich or try to brainwash children into liberal thinking.

      • T. Post

        It is a matter of public record that MKE teachers earn over $100K each on average which includes pay/benefits. Far above the average earner in this area. That means the people paying for you to preach, sorry teach, earn less than you. For that, you and your cohorts have provided failing schools. I know, you don’t care about that. However, that is why the people of this state have voted against you. Teach, don’t preach and we will be good.

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