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Wisconsin Elections Commission to recount presidential votes in Wisconsin

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MILWAUKEE -- Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has filed a request for a recount with Wisconsin election officials.

State Elections Commission Administrator Mike Haas said Stein filed the request around mid-afternoon Friday, about an hour and a half ahead of a 5 p.m. CST deadline.recount

It's a historic move. It sets the stage for the first recount of a presidential election in Wisconsin.

In Milwaukee on Friday, November 25th, the Green Party explained why it thinks the results are fishy.

"There is no smoking gun," said Geroge Paz Martin, Wisconsin Green Party.

"We are not doing this for the benefit of one candidate over the other. We're doing this for the benefit of the American public," said Charles Franklin, Marquette Law School Poll.

The Green Party says the difference between exit poll information and the final election results in Wisconsin got their attention. They say exit poll data showed President-elect Donald Trump with 44.3% of the vote. Mr. Trump ended up with 47.9% -- they say a variance that big is so rare, you'll see it just once in every 850 elections.tump-vote

"This is what the national campaign and the lawyers provided us with and wanted us to share with you today," said Martin.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement on the decision:

"Jill Stein's decision to pursue a recount is absurd and nothing more than an expensive political stunt that undermines Wisconsin's election process. Wisconsin voters spoke loud and clear, Democrats and their liberal allies lost decisively and now they are promoting a desperate last-minute tactic to silence Wisconsin voters." --Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Elections Commission confirmed Friday afternoon, it received the petition.

Green Party officials held a news conference regarding these developments at Milwaukee's City Hall at 12:15 p.m.

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Administrator Michael Haas says the state has told county clerks to prepare for a recount that could take at least a couple weeks.

"It can be very monotonous work, tedious, but important to make sure we have the right tally," said Haas.

Haas says it would be extremely difficult to tamper with the  ballots, adding there's a paper trail of all of them, even those from touch-screen voting machines.

"Voting equipment is not connected to the internet. Individuals would need to have access to the voting machine and need to be able to break into a locked storage unit where the memory device is stored," Haas said.

The Green Party will have to pay for the recount. It says it's worth it -- to make sure results are accurate.

"It's just not about the outcome, it's about the process," said Martin.

It's not Stein but Democrat Hillary Clinton who would benefit. In Wisconsin, Clinton trails President-elect Trump by just over 22,000 votes. Marquette Law School Poll Director, Charles Franklin, says historically recounts do change tallies but not results.

Charles Franklin

Charles Franklin

"They have produced very modest shifts. A few votes here and there rather than large shifts," said Franklin.

In 2011, a statewide recount of a Supreme Court race with roughly 1.5 million votes shifted the races about 300 votes. Nevertheless, Franklin says if a group has the money, the process can be healthy.

"While expenses and time consuming may provide some assurance of those that are concerned about the outcome," said Franklin.

While the Green Party estimates a recount in Wisconsin would cost $1.1 million, the Wisconsin Elections Commission says it won't a have a number itself until it gets individual estimates from county and individual clerks.

Any recount would have to be finished by December 13th. That's the federal deadline for states to submit their list of Electoral College representatives, which of course, is tied to the winning candidate.


    • Libsareliars

      You notice also how this site keeps deleting our posts. What do you think the left wing nuts at fox 6 are afraid of?? They know this whole thing is nothing but crap but don’t want to hear our opinions.

      • Jim

        My comment has been deleted four times now all I posted was the recount was being funded by George Soros & Hillary Clinton.
        What is so bad with that???? Now being reported that the Clinton Campaign is going to take part in the recount. What a surprise!!!!!
        Now delete this again fox6!!!!!!!

  • deletedagain

    Why should we trust the recount any more than the original count? There are plenty of reasons to not believe the numbers that voted for Clinton. i.e. Illegal aliens, people without IDs, dead people voting.

  • confused

    Highest absentee, early inperson, that’s why voting day was down a smidge. the people of color that I work with voted Trump & I work at a UNION shop. Our union endorsed hillary, but many lunchroom discussions between us workers, we opted for Trump as he had the best interest for the working people.

  • Chrisco

    I need one of these people to explain how it was hacked. I went and asked people in the computer world because I did not understand this. They all said due to age and the sensors, you would have to shine a laser at that the optical scanner or physical take the machine a part to get at the computer boards. Someone would notice if someone was standing their trying to shine a laser into it.

  • Zed

    Michigan uses paper ballots that are fed into scanning machines not connected to the internet. The vote CAN NOT be hacked! This is more Democratic election theater to try to undermine the Trump victory and presidency.

    • letmecounttheways

      Then we get down on our knees and pray that the electoral college has more intelligence, and is more capable of independent thought, than anyone commenting here.

      • Reggie G

        Because Milwaukee is in such great shape with democrats running it forever. You much receive alot of freebies from the left.

  • confused

    So they are going by exit polls-where you TELL someone how you voted? no WAY I would have said anything. good way to get called a racist, woman hater, homophobic etc. That’s WHY you go into a private little booth to vote-it’s a SECRET until the popular vote and electoral vote come in. I really messed with the polls-by not answering lol

  • Darrell David

    The voting machines are not tied to the internet so no hacking is possible. This sorry circus of clowns are totally ignorant the way they use 50 dollar words with only a nickel worth of brain power. They should go back to their tents and smoke more weed. Jill Stein received a 1.2 million votes total, yet they were able to raise over 4 million dollars….that is fishy and stinks more than that room full of old hippies.

  • Kristina Totten

    I want to know who exactly is doing the “re-counts”. Check all of their bank accounts for recent large deposits. This is all Soros. Klein is a Clinton shill. They had her do it for the right price to give them denialable plausibility. The Clintons always have others do their dirty work for them. Soros wants to destabilize the United States. Hillary didn’t win. They didn’t account for the huge turn out when planning their election fraud. The riots afterward didn’t work so now he’s trying this. Slip in a little more voter fraud during the “recount” barely giving Hillary the win. Declare her the “true” winner and this Country will erupt into Civil War. Mission accomplished. Obama will declare martial law and say he can’t possibly leave office now at “this time of crisis”. Either way, Soros wins and gets to push his NWO agenda. We cannot allow this to happen. We need to freeze his U.S. assets and purge this Country of his evil. Hand him over to Putin. The only States that really wanted Killary were the Coastal States. We need to boot them out of the Union. Let them have her as President of their own Nation. California is about bankrupt anyway. Eventually the citizens of CA will turn on all the rich celebrities living there because they’ll be the only ones with money and food. They will either flee or be robbed blind. Deport all illegals and Syrian refugees to their “new” nation and let them take care of them. Start a Trade embargo and cut them off. They get nothing from us. Let’s see how Clinton drinks her way through that. They will self destruct in no time. Clinton will stuff her pockets with as much as she can and then flee the Country herself.

  • Huh !

    I’d Like to know where the money is coming from …. Then tell them all that they should’ve invested in something a little more practical, like a toaster ;-)
    Hillary conceded once the Electoral College Predictions showed a Trump lead !
    She dropped out with a Popular Vote lead !
    None of any of this should matter anymore … because,
    SHE QUIT THE RACE BEFORE THE FINISH LINE … It’s Done …. Let’s work for unity and, if necessary, impeach him later !

    • Tony Perera

      Come on Republicans help impeach a would be republican president? You must be a kremlin troll to say that out loud. The electoral college can change their mind on the 19th depending on the popular vote or some serious voter fraud or election rigging or the candidate acts like a monarchy disregarding ethics.

  • marcus wilson

    This is just another attempt by the Dems to try and stall the final election results for the electorial college. Stein is just a puppet for Clinton, her paw prints are all over this garbage. If it,s stupid, asinine and far fetched the Clintons are involved

  • joe rangel

    why everybody so mad their recounting dont you want to know if there is any wrong doing scared to know the truth lol

      • Tony Perera

        Joe is right, what’s there to lose. This is an important election. If the winner didn’t have the majorities’ vote there could be an insurrection. The electoral college is in place to call the projected winner but once any malpractice comes to light or the president-elect acts unworthy of his elected position (which is grounds for impeachment), the EC might decide to take back their vote on December 19th and award it someone worthy. The EC is in place just for that, checks and balance of the popular vote.

  • TJ

    Trump won. This is the way we do it, we decide on election day. This reduces the possibility of human error and the possibility of corrupt recounts. Its over. Trump won by 100k+ not a few thousand. The election is over.

  • Opinion8d

    If the polling before the election was so wrong, why do they think the polling after election would be any different?!? When you bully people by calling them racists, bigots and sexists, etc, simply because they support Trump, do you really think people are going to answer those questions honestly?!?

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    To all of the “what do you have to lose” crowd. Based on your theory, you could keep doing re-do’s until the result is to your liking. “What do you have to lose”. Well, you Play-doh playing, safety pin wearing, cry baby Leftists have already been doing that in this state for years and your tactics have been summarily rejected. You sore losers, key word “losers”, made this state elect Walker 3 times in 4 years. Your “what do you have to lose” tactics have pushed you and the Leftists out of power all over the country over the past 6 years. I will end with this advise. Keep up the good work.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    So during the campaign, Hillary stated that it would be “Horrifying” and “A threat to our democracy” if Trump did not accept the results of the election. Well, that was when she had already won the election before we actually had the election. I will never stop pealing back the layers of the Leftist onion to expose the Liberal Hypocrisy. It’s soooo easy to do!

  • liberty

    People I know that are Democrat voted for Trump! They Hate Hillary. If Bernie would have run it would have been different. Another try to cheat for Hillery ploy.

  • Monte Cristo

    The liberals actions in the past are indicative of future performance. It’s like giving a child a candy jar and telling them to eat only one candy per day. Yet, They increase the budget without regard, spend without regard, increase regulations to choke business until they turn purple and let them wither and die. It’s time to dismantle the democratic PC machine and scrap it for parts. People are sick and tired of working there arse off and watching liberal lefty entitlements pranse around with their free phones, electric, food and free education for future felons born out of wedlock. Sure anyone can balance the budget by borrowing from a to pay b.

  • RLB

    Liberals are sore losers. You LOST…..get over it. MY vote “didn’t count” in ’08 or ’12. Didn’t cry about it. Who will recount the recount? USELESS waste of time, $$ and resources.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    Hey Fox6, pretend, please at least pretend you are a news agency!! All over the internet but of course NOT here on this site, Jill Stein slams Hillary for being a hypocrite about election results.

  • ClaraM

    This is not about the recount people. What the slimbag team of Soros/clintion/obama are trying to do is make these states miss the deadline so that those electoral votes would be disqualified leaving our President with under the required 270 electorals. The fact that this is even being entertained with zero proof of any wrong doing is very scary. And no one is questioning why she is only choosing to recount the states that Trump lead narrowly in not the state Hilary did.

    • Rox

      Claram..I AGREE with you 100%. But I’m hoping that WI will come through for us and get it done. Then it shouldn’t matter the outcome of the other 2 states..this election really is an eye opening experience..I just can’t believe all the. Crying and riots..thank you George Soros and the Hillery people.. I always knew how Hollywood i but they’ve gone too far this time.. I truly believe that Donald Trump will be a very good President for everyone.. except for the people that to be globalists.

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