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Infant dies during protest of shooting by Baltimore police

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BALTIMORE — Baltimore police say an infant died during a protest of a recent police-involved shooting.

Police said in a news release that the baby’s mother was one of about 30 people who gathered to protest Saturday at the scene of Friday’s shooting of a knife-wielding man.

Police say people approached an officer and told him a baby girl was not breathing inside a restaurant. The officer, Major Richard Gibson, performed CPR until paramedics arrived. The one-month-old baby was taken to a hospital, where she died.

Police say according to witnesses, the baby’s mother was protesting and went into the restaurant to feed the baby, who then stopped breathing.

Police say the cause and manner of the infant’s death will be determined by her doctor or the state medical examiner.


  • Jeff hog

    Yeah go ahead and protest you cop hater, but you have no prob asking for their help when it comes to you. Change your attitude lady! Maybe now you will back them instead of being a cop hater.


    Come on baby….. we got us some protesting to do. I could suggest, instead of being a fool, to spend more quality time with your child. But I guess that train left the station.

  • confused

    Knew this would happen sooner or later. Children belong at HOME. Not out in protests, where they can be squished, knocked down, teargassed, rubber bullets shot at them, fire hosed-you know the ONLY reason they are brought at all is to be used as shields. Protesters think cops/national guard etc will not act when engaged because children are there,

  • Malai

    The mother should be arrested! What idiot brings their ONE-MONTH-OLD BABY to a freakin protest!!!! I am so sorry to say this but that baby is better off in heaven rather than with that ignorant mother.

  • KatiLu

    How sad that this baby lost its life because it didn’t have a parent who put it first. I can see this family trying to turn this around to blame the police for not saving it. These protesters blame police for everything! There are numerous incidents of children at protest/riots being used as shields to attempt to prevent police from acting. Those children should be put into child protective services and the parents charged with endangerment.
    I wonder when that infant stopped breathing, and how long it wasn’t noticed by the mother. I just can’t pull up as much sympathy for her as I should.

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