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Trump Tower renamed ‘Dump Tower’ on Google Maps

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK — The Trump name has been dumped from the downtown Fifth Avenue building’s label on Google Maps.

According to PIX11, when doing a quick Google search for Trump Tower, the notable name is a bit off. Instead, it reads “Dump Tower.”

PIX11 says users began to notice the midtown building’s name change on Google Maps on Saturday, November 26th. It’s unclear when the switch occurred, but people on Twitter couldn’t help but start tweeting about the new “brand identity.”

The location pinpoint also provides the description of Trump Tower as “a 58-story mixed-used skyscraper.”

President-elect Donald Trump has not addressed the name change as of yet.

Google Map for coordinates 40.762500 by -73.974167.


  • confused

    The maturity level of the losing sides is amazing. If hilary would have won, and the Reps had acted like this they’d be in prison for hacking google maps, or sabotage if they worked at google maps. Trump won. “elections have consequences”.

    • Lewis Kluttz

      No trump is the one who said he wouldn’t accept it. Hillary had conceded, even though she could have contested it. Further, the presidency still is not quite over, actually, the electoral college requests that they think about their votes. Even if he is elected, he could be impeached on about 10 different reasons, along with perhaps his VP on at least 1.

      The truth is that most of the public do not support Trump and he has now lost about 20% of his previous supporters. His approval rating is abysmal because he keeps being a criminal and only in presidency for his ego. There are countless stories. He has killed the Republican Party for a long time; if you are actually paying attention to what he is doing. I do!

  • Mourning Ewe (@MammothSkull)

    The more these adult-children lash out and whine, the more convinced I am that Trump is the savior of the western world. These whiny children should never be allowed to win again. They’ll be an embarrassment in the history books – a lesson to the future on how not to live.

    • Lewis Kluttz

      He is not the savior, and they will not be an embarrassment. Trump threatens our democracy and is unfit for presidency- truly. So far he has surpassed Nixon in disapproval, and is set to be the worst president ever- you could not be more wrong.

    • Lewis Kluttz

      Actually, those people who realized he was bad are largely becoming greater and greater and are now the majority. The ones who supported him are going to be the regretful ones.

      • Z

        Youre comments are so delusional that they are hilarious. Please keep them coming! The more you post the more you prove that you have the intelligence and maturity of a child…much like the rest of the crybabies you try so hard to associate yourself with. Now before you start your typical liberal rhetoric rant of name calling and factless claims…just remember this…you are not the majority. You belong to the vocal minority. A group that consists of nothing more than cowardly, bootlicking liberals. A group that is the main reason the left lost. A group defined by ridiculous hypocrisy that has been put on display for all to see.

        I didn’t vote for either. Both were bad choices but I still voted. Yet, your pathetic ignorance and blind liberal love will still lead you to attack me and somehow say I voted for Trump…because that is just what liberals do.

        Now let me pose a real question. You believe your the majority, so what is it that you and the rest of your so called “majority” are going to do to make all those who didn’t vote for your God awful canidate the “regretful ones” as you put it?

        Sounds like you are inciting/promoting violence. Which, lets face it, will not end well for people like you.

  • deletedagain

    This sure affirms that the right person for this country won the election. Clinton stole the nomination from Sanders and cost her party the presidency. Didn’t like Clinton before and seeing the kind of supporters she has only strengthens that.

    • Lewis Kluttz

      Clinton won it. We are only fighting against the crook, that is Trump. He only colored your view to detract from his countless number of fraudulent, and was appreciated that the Russians helped him. The wrong person clearly has the presidency and most of the general public now agrees.

  • Lewis Kluttz

    He is a tyrant and has no concern for the general public, only his ego. He has countless number of fraudulent things, and that is why we do not like him. Your extremist views must blind you because I do not see this as relating to a partisan issue. Further, I hate when people make it a partisan issue. Also, I hate it when people call democrats liberal. Yes we are left leaning, but many of us are in fact actually moderate (actually as many of us who are liberal). Therefore, that just puts the Rep party on the extreme; which compared to moderate can seem extreme to you perhaps. At least every week he has a new fraud thing, and he has lost most of the general publics support. If he had been democrat, we would have been the first to boot him out, you all are stuck in partisanship too much, and I can tell from your comments.

  • liberty

    Google backed Hillary. They are part of the Elite and don’t you forget it!
    Lewis is confused just like the rest. He will stay on here to bad mouth everyone. Just another puppet for Hillary.

    • Lewis Kluttz

      LOL. They are part of the elite? Trump is far wealthier than Hillary, you are confused. I am not a puppet and I am only speaking the truth about him. I am sorry you do not see it. I can’t believe you are backing a criminal.

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