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Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: No easy solution for state’s $1 billion transportation budget deficit

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MADISON — Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wants to make it clear that there are “No Easy Answers” for solving the state’s $1 billion transportation budget deficit.

That’s the title of a 27-page document Vos distributed to Republican Assembly members in advance of the next legislative session, laying out possible solutions to the funding shortfall.

Figuring out what to do about Wisconsin’s crumbling roads and massive ongoing highway projects in the most populated parts of the state is expected to be one of the most difficult issues the Legislature faces next year.

Gov. Scott Walker says he doesn’t want a gas tax or vehicle fee increase.

But Vos and other Republicans have said it’s irresponsible to delay projects and borrow as much as Walker wants.


  • Huh !

    Why not charge visitors a small rate with toll booths at the state line ?
    Add a single toll charge to visitors tickets when arriving from other states by air, bus or renting a car !

    • Bill

      Just because you got by without an education doesn’t mean that it is a good thing. How about we get someone with a college education to craft our economic policy? Time to blame the moron who promised 120k jobs, and lied about big tax cuts to already rich business people generating anything but bigger bank balances for those people. This is Walker’s problem of his creation. He had full Republican control of all the levers of power and our state is failing miserably. There’s no mystery here, no liberal missteps, no previous administration to blame. He bankrupted our state because he doesn’t understand economics beyond “do what my handler said to do and smile for the cameras”. Taxes pay for things like roads and schools, we could actually have both if our governor wasn’t a waste of space and knew how to hire people who actually care about things beyond getting rich by defrauding our entire state by cutting their taxes even further and hoarding even more money instead of using it. (Hint: this is the only thing that happens when rich people have their taxes cut! Anyone who says otherwise is either rich, stupid, both, or a politician who can be all of the above)

  • Gary D

    I have an “east solution” to immediately solve the budget crisis for now but also forever and it’s not 27 pages long, it’s two words. Legalize Cannabis. 60% of Wisconsinites agree and polls show a strong bipartisan majority in the state wants to end to end the total failure of Prohibition and would rather use the hundreds of millions taken from the black market annually to fix our roads and schools but of course, Speaker Vos and Gov. Walker know better. They will raise our taxes again or sell out our children by passing the buck to them. Pathetic. Legalize cannabis!

  • Adam Umbreit

    Maybe you should have had an actual plan that works and maybe not have pencil whipped all of Scott Walkers personal vendettas through without thinking about it? Sorry but it seems that the Republican plan is falling apart at the seams as predicted. Meanwhile Minnesota is kicking Wisconsin’s rear because they actually evened out the tax code making rich people pay their fare share of taxes. Now they have millions in surplus.

    • Stan

      I like the legalizing marijuana solution. It is a lot better than the same old phony “solutions” of raising taxes or borrowing and passing the buck which will lead is right back to where we are now I’m a couple years, broke. 60% of Wisconsinites agree, legalize it. Support the will of the people, fix the roads and infrastructure. Done.

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