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Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty: Recount’s legality “questionable;” it may threaten electoral votes

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Officials with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) is speaking out -- claiming the presidential recount petition fails to meet legal standards.

FOX6 News is awaiting a response from Green Party candidate Jill Stein's campaign, but WILL officials said this recount is legally questionable, and the group's president said he fears it will interfere with Wisconsin's electoral votes.

Presidential election recount

County clerks across the state of Wisconsin have until December 12th to recount all votes after the November 8th presidential election, after Stein on Tuesday, November 29th paid the $3.5 filing fee to trigger this recount.

Rick Esenberg, president of WILL, has claimed this recount isn't legal.

Rick Esenberg

Rick Esenberg

"This recount is an abuse of the recount statute. It's legality is questionable. There is no prospect that it`s going to change the outcome of the election," Esenberg said.

Stein, on ABC's "The View" Wednesday morning explained the recount is to assure voters the system is working.

Esenberg has alleged in order for a candidate to call for a recount, there must be reason to believe a mistake occurred -- not that a mistake could have occurred.

"Normally we have recounts because there`s some uncertainty about who won. If you look at the documents the Jill Stein campaign filed, they don`t believe there has been a problem -- they just believe there could be a problem," Esenberg said.


Ballot machine

Regardless -- plans are in motion for the recount in Wisconsin.

Esenberg said his biggest concern is it will interfere with the casting of Wisconsin's electoral votes.

"If there is any real-world consequence of it -- it might put at risk our ability to have our votes counted in the Electoral College because the recount won`t get done on time. I hope it doesn`t happen," Esenberg said.

Jill Stein files for presidential recount in Wisconsin

Esenberg said if this recount does interfere with the casting of Wisconsin's electoral votes, WILL plans to get involved -- but Esenberg wouldn't comment further.


  • mensa727

    Simple—In a court of law she would have to sow standing. In this case she has no standing as she has suffered no harm therefore her challenge should be tossed


    Clearly this lying tramp was up to no good from the start.
    IF she were actualy looking for problems in the election CA should have been FIRST on the list….yet the lying skeez ignored all states HILLARY won in, even by the 0.4% margin in NH.
    Secondly she WAITED until the last second to do it. Thats pretty much proof she was TRYING to cause the electoral problem with NO basis in reality for a recount as it CANNOT change the electoral vote number by her own admission.

    Stein has NO integrity based on current events and should be barred from running for ANY political office in the USA ever again.

  • Good

    Hey , This is good no matter what ,,3.5 million being spent in Wis.. Look up the facts, Wisconsin not doing very this is a nice boost. No spinning the truth, just the facts.

  • confused

    This was the “plan” all along. hilary won’t admit to it, as usual, someone else is doing the dirty work and if it fails for hilary, she can claim no fault, if something is amiss, it was time enough to tamper. By waiting this long; an almost guarantee fail to finish putting the electoral votes in jeopardy. A dirty win for hilary.


    This is a colossal waste of time, human resources and money. The petition for a recount should have been thrown out in the first place itself and there is no proof of any fraud to begin with. The judge should have thrown out the case for lack of evidence. Also only a rival loser should have the privilege of asking for a recount – not someone with just 1 or less % of the vote. Strange that just about anyone with the money – any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jill(in this case) can order a recount – even with the argument of a supposed hypothetical situation of vote fraud. This is a joke that’s being played out. Aren’t there systems in place to prevent this madness. Trump is the President elect and no more recounts are called for. Expect some never-ending and lengthy legal challenges and counter claims. Ms Stein can even now very well call back her vote recount petition and refund the balance amount to her supporters.

    • confused

      Nah, let the $ be non-refundable and WI gets to keep it. Can use it for 4 to feed/warm coats for those who have none. I’d say roads but we need 100 times that ;)

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