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Milwaukee County supervisor: “Sheriff Clarke must resign before more people die”

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Supreme Moore Omokunde, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County supervisor is calling for the resignation of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

In a statement Thursday, December 1st, Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde said the reasoning for that is because he says four people have died over a six-month period at the Milwaukee County Jail — a facility at which Sheriff Clarke is responsible for operations.

Supervisor Omokunde said the following in the statement:

“Something is terribly wrong at the Milwaukee County Jail, and Sheriff David Clarke needs to resign before more people die.

The simple fact that four deaths have occurred in a six month period under his watch demonstrates that Sheriff David Clarke is unfit to manage the Milwaukee County jail.

Media reports and the statements of witnesses indicate that at least three of the deaths appear to have occurred as a result of actions or inaction by Sheriff Clarke’s corrections officers.  Yet not a single officer has been disciplined, and Sheriff Clarke remains silent. This is totally unacceptable.

Accountability starts at the top. Sheriff Clarke has failed to establish a culture of professionalism, has failed to call for independent investigations when warranted, and he has abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers accountable for their actions or lack of action. He should resign immediately.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke issued this statement:

“Supervisor who? That sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he’s upset that I helped Donald J. Trump get elected POTUS.”


  • Jim

    If you’re afraid of dying in jail, maybe you should think about what you should do to avoid jail. Not too difficult of a concept to grasp.

    • eardrumblog

      Before you make insensitive comments you should do some research. Two of the most shocking deaths that occurred under Sheriff Clarke’s watch were that of a newborn and a man who died of dehydration. The infant was born to a mentally ill inmate unbeknownst to the staff and found dead from “fetal suffocation” a full day later. The man that died was also mentally ill. 3 of the 4 county jail nurse practitioner positions are vacant. And while all of this has taken place Sheriff Clarke has time to promote his radical ideas on Fox News, far rightwing radio stations, and other conservative outlets. He has time to blog, tweet, and wrote op-eds to advance his divisive agenda. Yet, while he’s doing all of this self-promoting, his own jail is understaffed in dire need of leadership.

      • John Doe

        Hey Paul, even prisoners and inmate have rights. If the County wants to arrest them and babysit them then they are responsible for them.
        Why don’t you go Protest an abortion clinic and fight for the “rights” of a fetus or illegal immigrants.

    • John Doe

      Hey mister high and mighty. You do know that you can be “accused” and hauled in and held for 48 hours without even being charged. Milwaukee Cops love to threaten people with that. I hope it never happens to you because you would cry like the girls that get arrested.

  • KanneMe

    This Supervisor ( son of US Rep. Gwen Moore) needs to be reminded that Sheriff Clarke answers to we, the citizens of Milwaukee County, and not to he. We have re-elected him overwhelmingly, and I believe we will do it again, should he run.

    • Jim

      This joker should know what problems are in jail he spent enough time there for slashing tires on GOP cars in 2004 election for vandalism & voter suppression

      • confused

        Jim thank you! I was going ot ask if he was one of the sons of gwen involved in the tire slashing. did he even end up charged and fined or anything? Or was all swept away? I agree with all the other posts stating if you don’t go to jail you don’t have to worry. Behave, the life you save maybe your own.

  • Count crisco

    The great sheriff Clarke is a patriot and shall be held in high regard. I don’t know what these liberal lefty idiots are talking about. If he takes a job in DC, he will serve America well. These so called inner city leaders criticizing the Sheriff should look in the mirror. These pols along with their democratic counterparts are directly responsible for the inner city demise and are now crying because their dear leader wasn’t elected and the democratic machine blew a gasket and was dismantled for spare parts.

    • John Doe

      EXCUSES! What does his budget have to do with providing water or medical attention?

      Hey, let’s spend $65K each to bring 100,000 Syrian refugees to America. Free housing, free food, free education and free healthcare.
      But don’t break OUR laws. Then you will be denied water and medical attention.

  • Chrisco

    According to a a different tv station with the number four got a statement from Clark. “Supervisor who? That sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he’s upset that I helped Donald J. Trump get elected POTUS.” I will be honest. I copied and pasted.

  • Yanko

    Supervisor who?. This stupid liberals likes to cuddle criminals and they talk about crime in the inner cities . Our can anyone bring high paying jobs into the inner cities if these criminals are not arrested and placed in jail.

  • Diane Deatherage

    Who is this bozo? Last time I checked, an investigation is required before removing someone from employment. A Sheriff requires the Governor to remove him. Get your facts straight. Sheriff Clarke has done nothing wrong, and for you to say otherwise is slanderous. You owe him an apology. Don’t take to long to deliver it publicly, like your accusation.
    Have a nice day.

    • Vexed

      I’m so glad to read comments supporting our great Sherrif Clark. I will worry if he does leave Milwaukee for D.C. I feel like he is all we have in this ridiculous city. He speaks truths that others would like to say but can’t. He is a voice for the people who are so very sick and so very tired of the idiots making this city a disgrace. I’m ordering my custom Sherrif Clark t-shirt for myself for Christmas….. it will say “I wish a mutha’ f*cker would!” With a picture of of him with his cowboy hat. If this idiot wants to put Sherrif Clark out of a job then tell “your ” prisoners …I’m mean people stop thinking your the victim in everything. Be responsible for yourselves….start raising your children right …stop offing each other for dumb sh*t….take care of your houses and property and each other. Start doing that and you will put Sherrif Clark out of job.

  • ANDY G

    If more people had the common sense David Clarke has, like ( supper moore omodonkey ) we would have a lot less finger pointing, and a lot more of getting things done.

  • Opinion8d

    This dude is a clown…..this is no more a news story than the green party wanting a recount! Moore is clearly grandstanding as he has missed bringing attention to the violence and crime spike going on in MKE. Why isn’t he criticizing Lena Taylor for all the violence recently in her neighborhood?!??!


    Several hundred killed within the City in the last several years and Supervisor Who is silent…. The tide seems to be turning…. People are getting sick of people like Mr Who…. Keep up your pathetic rhetoric.

  • Count crisco

    Sheriff Clarke does not need to resign because people die. People die because they are drug addicts, career criminals, etc etc. Nonsense and no action from these alderman, not all but most. None of these alderman has the balls to stand up and take the fight to the inner city thugs and gangs to stop the crime, address the fatherless families that breed felons at the age of 12. Quit trying to figure out how to game the system. 1st thing these clowns should do is enact mandatory school with uniforms or else a disciplinary camp. if you didn’t graduate HS- send directly to the Marines to slap them in shape which they will face the uniform code of military justice if they step out of line. It’s time to stop the dog and pony show and act, roll up your sleeves and START NOW.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    Failing schools, rampant crime in the city, crumbling roads, shrinking Sheriffs office budget ect…… all of which has happened under the custodian called the Democrat Party. Decades and decades of malfeasance on their part somehow equals Clark is bad?!?!?! And the insanity known as Leftists/Liberals/Socialists Democrats continues.

    • John Doe

      You listed a lot of problems that Milwaukee faces.
      And who is responsible for those? The roads, the schools, the sheriffs budget?
      Is it the mayor? So why does he keep getting reelected?
      We have a lot of Black on Black murders yet I haven’t seen Cowboy Dave make a speech about the gun violence in the city. I have seen the Mayor and Police chief but not the sheriff. Maybe it is time to get rid of the Milwaukee county sheriff department. I am sure the Milwaukee Police can park their cars on the freeway and “fish” for speeders and they can patrol the parks and learn to ride horses at the beach.

  • A stanley

    I am not surprised, and never will be when in jail deaths occur. This guy is incompetent. He is one of those guys who had reached the limits of his ability as a patrol officer, and took on more than his tiny brain could manage. Every time we have a law enforcement manager who is very outspoken and public, you can bet that their operations are suffering, and people are being abused, mistreated, and dying. These people SHOULD be focused on running their own little world efficiently, but instead, they are out throwing vocal bombs trying to make a name for themselves. This is true of Sherriff Joe Arpaio, and is true of this clown Sherriff (if you can call him that with a straight face). To begin, let me bore you with a few facts about Milwaukee that applies to MOST if not all big cities. The population is 37% White, 40% Black, and about 17.3% Hispanic. The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) has about 2,000 sworn officers, but has only had one black and one female police chief in its history. As an aside, the MPD is supported by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, and is run by the infamous and outspoken black Sherriff David A. Clarke Jr. Clarke is a frequent and vociferous critic of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, referring to it as “Black Lies Matter” and describing it as a hate group. He also called for the eradication of the BLM movement “from American society.” In Milwaukee and most urban areas with high black and brown populations, you have a high minority police presence (the NYPD is a largely minority police force), yet, they are not well respected, and don’t lower crime or solve problems at all. They are the right hand of the plantation overseer. Therefore, you would be wrong to trust in a police officer’s heritage to gain fairness.
    Do you think another black or brown officer, especially under Sherriff Clarks leadership, is going to rush in and say “Stop!, don’t beat the brotha man”, or check on their welfare? You better not hold your breath. My point is that more black and brown police are not a solution, and they tend to adopt police values. In the case of Sherriff Clark, he is vying for the job of Plantation Owner. His mindset is that of “if you are accused of a crime, you aren’t worthy of compassion or civil rights”. Fair policing, regardless of their color, is the solution. In large cities, and Milwaukee in particular, a black driver is 7 times as likely to be stopped by city police as a white resident driver (out of 46,000 traffic stops) (you can bet the Sherriff’s Department has similar practices). Similarly, Milwaukee police pulled over Hispanic city motorists nearly five times as often as white drivers, according to the review, which took into account the number of licensed drivers by race. Police also searched black drivers at twice the rate of whites, but those searches didn’t lead to higher rates of seized weapons, drugs or stolen property. The review found that the disparities spanned all seven police districts, the two with the greatest racial discrepancies have the lowest crime rates, and both have predominantly white populations. Obviously, many of these stops were done by black and brown police officers. So, who is looking out for black civil rights, and is “down for the cause”? Not minority police, and this incompetent Sherriff for sure. Face it, Black Lives don’t Matter to black police officers, just Blue Lives. The let him have a white wife, and he thinks he has made it.Resign? They should have fired him, yesterday!!

  • Time for change

    I fully agree.
    Mr. Clarke has been a problem for some time. He is the new willie lynch, a hater of black people, and a supporter of the establishment seeking a job with Mr. Trump which will not happen because he is unqualified to do anything but carry masters bowl.

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