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Police identify 7-year-old boy, victim of homicide; his mother speaks out: “He was a happy child”

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MILWAUKEE -- Police identified on Thursday, December 1st, the seven-year-old boy who died after being taken to the hospital from a residence on Milwaukee's south side. He is Trevion Winningham. (Picture to right is several years old, and was taken while the boy was sleeping). The case is being investigated as a homicide. Four people are in custody -- none of them the boy's mother.

Trevion WinninghamAccording to officials, Winningham was brought from a residence near 19th and National Avenue to a hospital on Tuesday.

The child was suffering from numerous injuries, and died a few hours later. A source told FOX6 News the child suffered malnutrition and bruising at the hands of two women.

FOX6 News caught up with Trevion's mother by phone Thursday.

"He was just a happy child, always has been," said Candace Winningham.

Trevion's mother did not talk about why the boy was staying with others on S. 19th Street, or his relation to those arrested.

"I don't really know what happened. But the thing is, it didn't have to happen. I don't know the full details right now. Nobody's telling me anything. I don't know right now," Winningham said.

Candace Winningham told FOX6 News she believes her other son, a nine-year-old, also allegedly beaten, is improving -- and is still hospitalized.

"As far as I know, he's doing better. I haven't been up to see him. I'm going to talk to the people at Child Protective Services right now," Winningham said.

Homicide near 19th and National Avenue

FOX6 News has learned that a 44-year-old woman arrested in this case was convicted of child neglect for the death of a one-year-old child in her home on N. 50th back in 2003. One-year-old Bryan Alston, who was in her care, was beaten to death. The woman, who we are not identifying until she is charged, served an 18-month sentence.


Officials are investigating a report that the two women arrested in the death of Trevion Winningham met in prison.

FOX6 News discovered that the 44-year-old woman was sentenced for the previous child neglect in November 2003. The 47-year-old also in custody for Trevion's death was sentenced in December 2003 in a burglary case.

An autopsy was performed on Trevion on Wednesday. But the results of that autopsy are not being released while this investigation is underway.

The case has not yet been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for charges.


  • So ashamed

    She previously served only 18 months for beating a new year old to death!!!! What is wrong with all of you people?! From the attacker to the courts!! What is wrong with all of you!!

  • Opinion8d

    put them all in jail or execute them -the kids ‘mother’ included!!! These people represent what is evil in our world and what is wrong with the culture of the inner-city poor and surrounding ‘community’. If you have two kids that you haven’t seen in the time to tell if there were abused or not fed, then you aren’t a ‘mother’!!! This is a situation ripe for investigation by the news to see what all the details were!!!

    • Cross your legs and stop making babies if you can't handle them

      I’d bet money that the dad is already in jail himself or disappeared after being forced to owe child support for a kid he obviously didn’t want. Why do these idiots keep reproducing?

  • terrence

    WHY were these children with these women since August?? Five months! Something is very wrong with this situation and 5 adults, minimum, must be charged with this poor child’s death and the abuse/torture/assault of the other children!! Sickening

  • Grace

    Because these kids don’t get disability they don’t qualify for the predatory child protective service red carpet kidnapping

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