President-elect Donald Trump at first stop on ‘thank you’ tour: “We are not going to be divided for long”

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President-elect Donald Trump

CINCINNATI, Ohio — President-elect Donald Trump vowed to bring the nation together and said thank you to Ohio on Thursday, December 1st — saying the state had heard history’s call and helped him win the presidency, even though his supporters called for his former opponent Hillary Clinton to be put in jail.

The president-elect kicked off what aides are billing a thank-you tour in Cincinnati, before a fired up crowd at a campaign-style rally.

“In a true sense, history called and the people of this great state answered,” President-elect Trump said to loud cheers.

The Republican who will be sworn in as president in 50 days pledged to bring the country together after the divisive election.

“We are not going to be divided for long. I have always brought people together. I know you find that hard to believe,” President-elect Trump told the crowd that filled one side of a hockey arena, most of one end and with a large throng on the floor.

President-elect Trump said he would use his speech to lay out an action plan to make America great again, but couldn’t resist basking in the glow of his upset victory.

“We did have a lot of fun fighting Hillary didn’t we?” President-elect ┬áTrump said, as the crowd uniformly and loudly chanted “Lock her Up! Lock Her Up!.

President-elect Trump has said since the election that he will not pursue an investigation into the former secretary of state’s private email server. He won Ohio by nearly nine percentage points over Clinton.

The tour begins as President-elect Trump puts together his Cabinet, after naming nominees to head the Treasury, Commerce and Transportation departments, part of the huge task of standing up his administration before the inauguration in January.

President-elect Trump spokesman Jason Miller on Thursday said President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence would talk about “what’s ahead in the days in front of us and the positive change that we’re going to be bringing to the country.”

President-elect Trump promoted Thursday’s rally on his Twitter feed Wednesday, saying, “I am grateful for all of your support. THANK YOU!”

The president-elect’s strength in the industrial Midwest, rooted in his populist themes and harsh criticism of global trade agreements, was crucial to his surprise victory over Clinton. Not only did he win Ohio, a genuine swing state that President Barack Obama won twice, he also won Democratic-leaning states Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that the Clinton team had billed as a blue wall that would deliver the White House to the Democrats for a third consecutive term.