Recount politics: GOP says it’s a waste of time, money, Dems, Green Party say it’s about assurance

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MILWAUKEE -- President-elect Donald Trump's campaign has filed an objection to Green Party candidate Jill Stein's request for a hand recount of Michigan's presidential election votes. The objection filed Thursday, December 1st will delay or block the recount, which the state was planning to begin Friday. Meanwhile, the presidential recount got underway in Wisconsin Thursday, December 1st.

Wisconsin Republicans said the recount is a waste of time and resources, because there's no evidence the voting machines were tampered with. Both members of the Green Party and Democratic Party said the goal is simply to ensure each and every vote was counted properly.

GOP recount billboard

A billboard along I-94 at Oklahoma Avenue Thursday was the latest criticism directed towards the recount.

"I think the recount is disgraceful," Congressman Sean Duffy said.

The message from the Republican Party of Wisconsin reads: "Don't let liberals steal the election" and shows a picture of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

GOP recount billboard

Congressman Sean Duffy

Congressman Sean Duffy

Congressman Duffy, who was recently named a member of President-elect Donald Trump's White House transition team, said there's no evidence the election results were tampered with -- calling the recount efforts a ploy by Democrats to change the outcome of the votes to favor Clinton.

"Jill Stein raised $3.5 million in total for her presidential campaign, and she`s over $6 million now for the recount. The donors to her campaign are Hillary Clinton donors," Duffy said.

George Martin

George Martin

Wisconsin Green Party leader George Martin said the money raised reflects the wishes of the American people -- not a single party.

"That`s a broad spectrum of people who are donating to this campaign," Martin said.

For Democrats, the recount is serving as assurance that the process is working.

Senator Chris Larson

Senator Chris Larson

"I`m not sure the results will actually change, but why not check it out? And I think the more that Republicans protest, and stop this count from happening, trying and stop this double check, it makes me more interested in what the results are, in what they`re trying to hide," Senator Chris Larson said.

The Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Green Party will have observers at each recount location throughout the recount -- which must be completed by December 12th.



  • Jane Addams

    How could a recount “steal” the election if there are no voting problems? The billboard assumes that a recount will lead to a Clinton victory. all the more reason to do the recount

    • Judas Priest

      Jane, go back to sleep, I guess you liberals never pay attention to what is going on. Wake up, get informed, and then you can talk with us Adults

      • Picklybear Pederson

        What difference does it make who does the recount, donations are paying for the recount, not the taxpayers. Somebody is paying for the billboard, not the tax payers, what point are you trying to make?

  • Donald W Roberts

    Trump claims there were millions of fraudulent voters, yet now the GOP says nothing was wrong. What are they afraid of?

    • Roxy

      The GOP and all of us are afraid that Stein’s hand recount will not meet the deadline(s). When that happens, the vote will go to the House of Reps. with 1 vote per state. Don’t count on the Republican majority, because of little things such as Pizzagate. Trump will not protect anyone involved, but HRC will. IMHO

  • Timothy Buda

    I think it’s only fair that if there is a recount in the three swing states that Trump narrowly won then there should be a recount in the states that Clinton won narrowly as well. Also all of the recounts should also make sure that there were NO Illegal immigrants votes counted as that is unconstitutional and Illegal period.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    I am all for the recount based on the way the Leftists are going about it.
    1) Wisconsin is smart enough to make them pay for it. Can we say “stimulus”.
    2) Its based on not a single shred of evidence. That’s right….I mean not one and everyone knows it!
    3) They claim the Russians hacked into our election system….based on….because they say so.
    4) It makes all Leftists look looney and like sore losing cry babies. It’s a great look!!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

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