“I broke your trust:” Franklin woman sentenced to 2 years in prison for sexual assault of a child

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Elizabeth Dillett on Friday, December 2nd to two years in prison plus another three years of extended supervision for having sex with a teenage boy.

Elizabeth Dillett

Elizabeth Dillett

Dillett pleaded guilty in October to two felony charges — two counts of sexual assault of a child by a person who works or volunteers with children. Six other charges were dismissed.

"She preyed on my son and used our friendship for access to him," said the victim's father in court Friday. "I blame myself for trusting her."

St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran School

St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran School

Dillett served as a kindergarten teacher and St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran School’s athletic director. Prosecutors say Dillett met the 16-year-old victim in this case through sports. The family of the victim says it was a year-long relationship.

"This isn't a circumstance where my client had some plan to have a relationship with (the victim)," said Joshua Sheri, defense attorney.

The prosecutor had a different take, saying Dillett became close friends with the victim's mother and describing Dillett as manipulative.

Through her husband, the victim's mother described how the boy's innocence was stolen.

"We have recognized that our son believed that he was in a healthy relationship. His opinions regarding relationships has become distorted since this incident," said the victim's father.

Elizabeth Dillett

Elizabeth Dillett

Dillett apologized to her family, but started with the victim's family -- namely the boy's mother .

"I broke your trust and our friendship. I know I crossed the line with your son and your family and it was very inappropriate of me," Dillett said.

Dillett was visibly shook as the judge rendered his sentence.

Elizabeth Dillett

Elizabeth Dillett

"I am certain that you were well aware of where it was and how dangerous this was. How irresponsible this was," said Judge Joseph Donald.

Dillett will have to undergo mental and sex offender evaluations and any appropriate treatment. She is to have no contact with children under the age of 17 -- and comply with the sex offender registry.


    • JokeEnthusiast

      Because that’s not how the law works Tom. We have age of consent laws because we deem girls and boys under the age of 18 as not having the ability to consent.

      This woman is a child molester.

      • hell in a handbasket

        Except for abortions and birth control handed out by public schools. Typical liberal response joke guy.

  • mark

    as much as I’m inclined to agree with you, I guess you have to look at it as if the genders were switched. Let’s say a 31 year old man has sex with a 16 year old girl numerous times, and then when cornered with the allegations, he goes to the girls parents and begs them not to go to the police. Still just a ticket?

  • Grace

    These female predators always get 2 years,they know the system.why didn’t she molest at a18 plus university?cause she’s sick ,it’s not ok to stalk and prey with all the legal out there.aa good beating would be good.if she was raped by a over 40 guy would she cry wrinkled used privates?selective rapist and two years,for this,who knows how many and how young she’s been raping not disclosed because they are hurt.tattoo them as child molesters!

  • Mike Johnson

    its funny when you read the story it says the boy believed he was in a healthy relationship, who is the law or the kids parents to say he wasnt, if the kid wasnt happy it wouldve never went on for over a year. just because the woman is double his age doesnt mean anything. im 42 and my wife is 25. age is nothing but a number we met when she was 16. of course we were smart and waited until she was “legal” but the system wouldve had an issue if we didnt which is b.s

    • John

      That means you were hooking up with a teenager when you were 33. You are the definition of a child predator you sicko. She was just starting to learn how to drive. What is wrong with you? Your a sick guy. Must have been a pretty messed up young little girl to be seeing and hanging around some creeper in his 30’s.

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