Milwaukee Business Journal: Penzeys sales spiked following CEO’s anti-Trump statements

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WAUWATOSA — The Milwaukee Business Journal reports that Wauwatosa-based Penzeys Spices is apparently cashing in big time thanks to peppery anti-Trump comments Bill Penzey, the company’s CEO, made in November after the presidential election.

The manufacturer and retailer of spices said in an email to customers Thursday that — in the two weeks since Bill Penzey said that all Trump voters “just committed the most racist act” since segregation— sales have skyrocketed regardless of the political firestorm that was wrought.

According to that Dec. 1 email sent to customers, online sales are up 59.9 percent and gift box sales are up 135 percent since those remarks.

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  • hell in a handbasket

    Don’t most retail outlets have an increase in sales this time of year? Now I can the Business Journal to my list of liberal spin news outlets.

    • Bill Penzey is a butt-hurt communist

      Exactly! I will do the same. Sales always “spike” around the holidays as you have a lot of people baking… of course Penzeys wants to try to put a spin on that to make it look like his cry baby liberal opinions didn’t effect sales when they really, really did. I know quite a few people who will no longer buy from that disgusting company.

  • Dylan

    I wont ever buy their product again..neither will others i know…..we. the long. Run how the company fares

  • Jeff hog

    I would rather sprinkle dirt in my recipes than buy spice from this LIB. How ignorant of any CEO of any company to ever put himself in that position. And as far as sales going up that high, highly unlikely. We will see in the long run how this hurt you Bill Penzy, ooops sorry i meant Bill PENNIES!

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    So I went to a site called Glassdoor. It’s a company rating site by employees. There are 51 ratings and Penzey rates 2.5 out of 5. The average pay is about $11 per hour. With all the Leftist crap he spews, I thought pay would be at least the $15 per hour minimum wage they push. BUT NO! He’s the same Liberal Hypocrite as the rest. Oh so typical of Leftists. Do as I say not as I do.

  • Count crisco

    The dust hasn’t settled since the democratic machine blew a gasket and threw a rod in the wee early morning of Nov. 9th. The heap of smoldering garbage that was left over of the democratic machine was so toxic it was dismantled by hazmat conservatives and towed away to a toxic waste site. The liberals were left to fend for themselves wandering the streets in despair as their dear leader was cowering under her desk hurling objects at her surrogates. I would like to also give a shout out to DVR makers. Ah, I rewind and watch the election results every night before turning in to bed, it’s almost like a full body massage and a warm glass of milk.

    • Realist

      Exactly. Unless he opens his books, there’s no way to confirm that. The Business Journal has always been on the liberal side, so they are a sympathetic ear for looney lib Penzey.

      • I'd like to see Penzey's survive in Liberal-land, I mean Illinois

        Realist hit the nail on the head! The Liberal media will always write “positive” pieces about Penzey’s. I keep telling Penzey’s if they “hate it so bad” in Wisconsin (Which based on their hate-filled diatribe newsletters it seems that way), they should move down to Illinois (aka Liberal-land). Oh, don’t want to move down and join your liberal friends in Illinois? Is it because the state is almost bankrupt? Is it because crime is out of control? Is it because of how corrupt the entire liberal-run government is down there? Is it because the liberals made the state non-business friendly? Shall I go on? Tell me how much “better” it is down there than in Wisconsin why don’t you. Put your money where your mouth is Penzey’s and move out of state… oh I guess the grass ISN’T greener in Liberal-land is it?

  • Libsareliars

    I see fox6 deleted my comments you cowards! Everyone buy your spices at PS seasoning in Iron Ridge. Much better spices and not a moron for an owner.

  • Molly Brown

    I’ve purchased from Penzeys for years. I do not care whom they vote for, nor do I expect them to care whom I vote for. I only want to buy spices from them, not political garbage. I can find that for myself, I do not need to spend money on it. For all their ‘peace out/ love and tolerance, Show people you love them by making them good food’ spiels, they forgot one thing in their rants: That they just told many of their paying customers that they had to sit at the back of the bus simply if they voted differently than Penzeys felt they should..No matter who you vote for, if a business feels they are this important in the grand scheme of your life: THAT should strike fear in you!

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