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“We need to keep counting:” Presidential recount in Wisconsin enters day 2

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The presidential recount in Wisconsin enters day two on Friday, December 2nd. Franklin, Oak Creek and St. Francis are among the newcomers as day two begets more bickering over ballots during the continuing recount effort in Milwaukee County.recount

"There's no way to determine that their, the voter's intent was to vote for Clinton... when this voter wrote in 'Bernie Sanders'," said a Milwaukee County Election Commissioner.

Volunteers take a tally of Milwaukee County's contribution to the 2016 presidential election as hundreds of thousands of votes are recounted.recount6

"We have different municipalities today, in addition to the City of Milwaukee than you had yesterday," said Milwaukee County Clerk, Joe Czarnezki.

Czarnezki explains the morning hours are dedicated to verifying absentee ballots which can be contentious at times -- while the afternoon involves counting ballots.recount7

Volunteers spend much of the day tallying ballots, despite the lingering threat of a federal lawsuit with the potential to put the process on hold.

Czarnezki also addresses the lingering threat of a federal lawsuit potentially putting the process on hold.

"The Wisconsin Elections Commission has informed us that, unless we hear otherwise from a judge we need to keep counting, and we're gonna keep counting," said Czarnezki.

Across the state in numbers continue to pour in and a second county has finished the process. Tiny Iron County is giving Hillary Clinton 11 more votes than Donald Trump on the second go around.

From the numbers turned in so far, changes have been minimal. Mr. Donald Trump leads Clinton by more than 22,000 votes. There has been no indication of any major shifts or problems.

Election workers will be counting over the weekend, many adding a Sunday shift to ensure the deadline is met.

In Waukesha County, they'll be tabulating until Midnight.

In Milwaukee County, election officials say as expected things have picked up.

"It was a bit of a learning curve yesterday, but I think we've got the kinks ironed out and things are running very, very smoothly," said Czarnezki.

The Green Party, who petitioned and is paying for this recount, is asking for patience as they audit the election. Of the numbers in so far after two days of this recount, President-elect Trump holds the exact same lead he had on election night.

There are still a lot of votes that need to be counted. The volunteers are set to return at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, December 3rd, to continue the recount.


  • confused

    “There’s no way to determine that their, the voter’s intent was to vote for Clinton… when this voter wrote in ‘Bernie Sanders’,” said a Milwaukee County Election Commissioner.

    That’s a vote for Bernie not hilary. What the heck are they trying to pull in Milwaukee? A write in for Donald Duck is a vote for Donald Duck. A filled in oval for hilary is a vote for hilary. If they are counting write ins of any name toward hilary, that is BOGUS. You CANNOT do that.

  • Ann Marsh

    The volunteers are being paid $25.00 per half day of work, there is 24 hour security, hall are being rented, the list goes on and on. So that is what the money is covering and it probably wont be enough. I am jsut thankful that Wisconsin is not getting stuck with a 5 million dollar bill.

  • Jodi LaBelle

    The media , the poll statics , and Hillary seemed to hid their heads in the sand . There was a revolution going on in our country, and it was not about race , or political correctness. People who had not voted in 25 years, they came out of the wood work and took a stand. . When a government forgets who puts them in office, needs to learn not to cry over spilled milk. The deplorables teamed up to “”Drain The Swamp””.

  • gladgold

    the way someone that calls himself president elect is fighting this recount process gives cause for concern,please volunteer donot accept bribe from him

    • Boonechaser

      Because after Hillary saying Trump not conceding and accepting the election results would be “Horendous”! Now she is backing, Stein in doing exactly what she had a problem with. Stein is a stooge for the DNC or she would have also wanted a recount in NH, where Clinton only won by 3k votes.
      She’S getting her 15 minutes, though!!!

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