Bridging the gap: Recycle the Black Dollar Expo helps boost sales for minority business owners

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MILWAUKEE -- It's a holiday challenge you are encouraged to take: help boost sales for minority business owners.

Recycle the Black Dollar

Recycle the Black Dollar

Stylish and unique, jewelry, clothes, scents and everything in between, all set up outside of the Chic Cafe.

"You can get anything customized so you can get that person who loves something unique made just for them also made right in their community," said Tomira White, Distinctive Designs by Tomira.

Vendors showcased their products at the Recycle the Black Dollar Expo on Saturday, December 3rd.

"We are asking everyone to commit to purchase and gift one from a black-owned business this holiday season," said Jasmine Johnson, co-founder of 29Eleven and Recycle the Black Dollar.

Recycle the Black Dollar

Recycle the Black Dollar

The goal is to circulate money within the African-American community. Jasmine Johnson says it's imperative to support black businesses and help bridge disparities.

Recycle the Black Dollar

Recycle the Black Dollar

"We focus on the community-like organization factor bringing people together, collective effort to help bridge the gap between health and wellness disparities which is what you see here today," said Johnson.

The day, which included programs and speakers, helped create awareness in aiding small businesses to make their mark year round.

"This event is huge for our community, last year it was awesome. I left with a nice amount of money and contacts and leads that continues to follow me throughout the year so I'm excited about today and what is to come," White said.

Tomira White

Tomira White

The Recycle the Black Dollar Expo was a one-day event, but the effort continues. To learn more about the initiative and for a list of the black-owned businesses in the area, CLICK HERE.


  • JP

    Where are all the protests and riots about how this is racist?? Where’s the crying from the BLM people now? You can bet your ass if these were white people saying only purchase from white-owned businesses, they would be screaming bloody murder. Jesse Jackson would be up here, there would be some sort of petition for an investigation, there’d be all sorts of name calling about how people are Nazis or part of the KKK. Racism works both ways, people. But in typical liberal fashion, it’s only offensive if it’s against them. SMH.

  • Billy Madison

    Recycle the white dollar coming to Delafied in late 2017. I hope we get just as much positive media coverage as Recycle the Black Dollar does.

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