“It’s picked up significantly:” Day 3 of election recount puts Waukesha County back on track

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WAUKESHA -- It's day three of the Wisconsin recount. Menominee is so far the only county to finish before the December 12th deadline. Waukesha County on the other hand, is back on track after a slow start to their recount on Thursday.waukesha-recount2

Picking up speed again, Waukesha County Clerk Kathleen Novack feels the recount is now on track.

"I believe everybody had a slower day on Thursday but it's picked up significantly yesterday and it's faster today," said Novack.

Novack says Saturday's goal is to get through the townships and then move on to the cities. The recount will go until midnight, only to start up the next morning at 9 a.m.waukesha-recount4

To keep things moving, the county is now using 16 machines, which is four more than they started with. They are also hand counting write-in ballots.

However, Green Party observer, Tiffany Anderson, tells FOX6 they're calling on the party's lawyer to come before midnight.waukesha-recount5

"There's been a few discrepancies that we are looking into so there should be a lawyer here from the Green Party to look into some of the issues we found here," said Anderson.

Waukesha officials say this is not unusual during a recount. All observers and even municipalities have some sort of legal representation if there are questions into the process.

Novack says a handful of abnormalities from election night were seen by Saturday, but so far not enough to change Waukesha's majority vote to the President-elect.waukesha-recount3

"It's pretty overwhelming. It's hard to get all of our ducks in a row but we've got them in a row. So we're feeling good. I'll say last night I slept well. It's a daily process and we're making great headway," said Novack.

On Saturday, December 3rd, Green Party Nominee Dr. Jill stein dropped a request for a recount in the state of Pennsylvania.

Novack tells us a day-by-day determination will look into how long the recount day will be until the December 12th deadline.


  • American citizen

    Who is Jill Stein to question the integrity of the United States election and ballot system?
    Why was she allow to file a lawsuit for a recount in the first place? Based on what?
    What is there to be gained at the end of the day?
    If they wanted to “rest” the voting process why not do a recount in California or in States Clinton won?

  • American citizen

    Hand counting would have more room for human error and fraud.
    Machines don’t lie but corrupt people do.
    We ALL have seen first hand the fanatics that Clinton supporters are and the extremes they are willing to go to.

  • Steph stith

    Wanting recount for just 3 states is ludicrous. If there was doubt it should have been all states. Ive never heard of Jill Stein until this election and who does she think she is to question the election results? Obviously much of the population doesn’t care about her opinion or Hillary Clintons. Trump won! The recount is off by a couple of votes so are they going to restart the recount? Would be a viscous cycle. Common sense here. Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton you did not win the election. An example of why you did not win the election would be wanting a recount in only the states that Hillary lost. That is showing only self concern and no concern or respect for the USA voters which is offending! I feel bad for the unsuspecting souls who who donated their hard earned money for these recounts that will change nothing. These people that donated should be refunded their money.!

    • Not Liberal

      really? So far Trump has added to his tally of 26 and Clinton has gone down 3..lol…3.5 million for this? I say it is disgusting and everyone of you that helped raise this money should be ashamed of yourself..there is great need for this money for charities…just like half a billion for an election candidate who lost badly and now they can’t accept it but said it was HORRENDOUS when Trump spoke that he would see if he accepts it…such hypocrites…really…I thought I was liberal until this..I’m definitely not liberal and would never want to be…what I have learned is how phoney liberals are and they haven’t a clue….clueless

    • Liberal Hypocrisy

      Ah Billy……..”educate yourself”?!?!?……..New H is ONLY about a 3000 vote difference. Soooooo……….ah…….maybe recount there?????? Can’t do that says Billy!!!!!! Hillary won there so no need to check that one! You are a typical Effing Liberal Hypocrite.

    • Franni

      You should educate yourself as well! There are much more than 22k votes separating the total of the 3 states; more like 100k. Not even in the realm of automatic qualification for recounts, so this is clearly an effort that will be a great waste of time for all efforts–pointless, useless want-to-be important liberals who think they know what’s best for everyone–and still in denial that they LOST the election–wake up–life will go on and you’ll be Okay!

    • Billy

      Liberal Hipocracy – if you could read and understand what I wrote, you would notice I said “among the closest vote tallies” not “the closest.” Calling me a typical liberal makes you a typical Trump supporter, narrow minded and self centered, when in fact I am not a liberal and DID NOT vote for Hillary. In fact nothing I said was in support of Hillary or Trump. So just because I don’t praise the almighty Trump I’m automatically an evil liberal? To answer your reply, why would anyone request a recount in NH, which would have no effect on the electoral college outcome? Again, educate yourself about how the election process works. And stop bashing everyone who doesn’t support your savior Trump.

    • Billy

      Franni- I have educated myself on the subject. There is only one state currently in the process of recounting ballots, Wisconsin. The final vote tally (before recount) is about 22k difference between Trump and Clinton. This is an article about the Wisconsin recount. Why are you Trump supporters so quick to jump all over anyone who questions anything about Trump?

  • liberty

    Just a ploy to take away from Trump. Nothing new in the Democrat Socialist Party. They have more things lined up as each one fails. Hateful Hillary won’t stop! They have people to fight against Trump for his whole stay as President. To curtail anything good he is trying to do to make him look bad. The Dammed Democrats are a sorry lot.

  • Susanna Donovan

    What many people are not reporting is that the “Green Party” is disavowing what Stein is doing because it’s not about the Green Party, but about Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party, since the Green Party did not receive enough votes to constitute a reason for a recount. The Green Party is against the Democrat and Republican Party, which is why they have their own party, and the recount isn’t their idea, but rather a surrogates idea, Jill Stein, who was originally opposing Hillary in all her speeches, which played against Hillary to the final end. If you want to know the reason for the recount…follow the Money…let Jill Stein show where the majority of her donations came from, which were more significant than her entire campaign received before the election day.

  • American citizen

    You all realize that recounts are tax payer funded. Sounds like sour grapes to me. More of a lame attempt at name recognition and political fundraising. You need to learn to lose as well as you win. There are no participation trophies in politics. Another waste of tax payers money by the political left. To quote Barack Obama…. We won. Elections have consequences.

  • Vladimir

    The President-elect warned us the election could be rigged. He even swears there was voter fraud. Why shouldn’t there be a recount, or even better, an audit?

  • Thomas

    Had these Hillary supporters voted for Hillary rather than Stein in the first place, they would not have had to put money up for a recount and waste all these folks time.

  • american

    wisconsin is proving just what a waste this is. trying to be an american i believe in our system and wisconsin is proving it works….5000 children lives could be saved or improved by all this wasted money..hundreds of thousands of meals to the homeless. its time we put our big boy and girl pants on and as americans man sure our new president works for us…this recount is such a scam…why not recount california and check the illegal voters that voted..come on now…

    • Liberal Hypocrisy

      For the Leftists to push for a recount in states won by Hillary would only prove that they are not hypocritical. Thus, not a chance. Being a 1st class hypocrite is sewn into their fabric and written into their platform.

  • prog1advocate

    Waukesha County WI recount is not verifying “Blank Ballot” votes for president.
    When a “Blank Ballot” message comes on the screen, the tabulator person is hitting the “Accept Blank Ballot” button without hitting the “Remove” button and checking the ballot.
    It seems about one in 50 ballots is generating this procedure.
    ps – Under voting in the USA has always been a contentious issue.
    * * * rc’vd msg 3pm – Milwaukee in programmed to reject “Blank Ballots”.
    Why not Waukesha? ..

  • Count crisco

    The left wing liberal lives matter occupy granola eating women studies socialist unionista fifteen an hour miscreant low life entitlements pc correct free trade coffee sipping walker recallers have decimated this country. It’s going to be Merry Christmas from now.

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