Presidential recount: Counting complete in 6 counties; results have barely changed

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RACINE COUNTY -- A milestone was reached Sunday, December 4th related to the presidential recount in Wisconsin -- more than a million votes have now been added up for a second time, and the results have barely changed.

As of Sunday, the recount was over in six Wisconsin counties, and in those counties, the margin between President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stayed exactly the same.

Presidential recount in Racine

Presidential recount in Racine

In Racine, election inspectors worked through a snowy Sunday and a Green Bay Packers game.

"It is the reality of it, and again, you only have a limited timeframe to get this done," Wendy Christensen, Racine County clerk said.

Wendy Christensen

Wendy Christensen

Christensen said as of Sunday, workers were almost halfway through the 97,000 ballots they must recount by the December 12th deadline. She reported no significant changes in the results.

"It`s typical of a recount where you go through everything again. You find things where people have used a blue pen that the machine didn`t count on Election Day, so we`re hand-counting some of those," Christensen said.

Presidential recount in Racine

Presidential recount in Racine

In the six counties where the recount has been completed, President-elect Trump lost a total of 20 votes, and Clinton also lost a total of 20 votes -- the margin between them unchanged.

Presidential recount

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who asked for the recount and is paying for it, picked up an extra 27 votes.

As of Sunday, most counties had finished recounting some, but not all of their wards.

Thirteen counties had yet to report any results to the state.

Presidential recount

"This is sort of bizarre, but I think it caps a sort of bizarre year," Mordecai Lee, UW-Milwaukee professor and political expert said.

Lee said voters shouldn't fault Stein for requesting the recount, even though she got barely one percent of the vote in Wisconsin, and finished in fourth place.

Presidential recount in Racine

"It seems to me, we ought to think about this as giving finality," Lee said.

In Racine County, finality won't come for several more days of ballot counting.

"I think we`re a little ahead, but I don`t want to jinx that," Christensen said.

In the 53 counties that had reported some results as of Sunday, President-elect Trump added to his lead by about 40 votes.Presidential recount

The counting continues -- despite two pro-President-elect Trump groups asking a federal judge to halt the Wisconsin recount.

The judge has scheduled a hearing for Friday, December 9th.

CLICK HERE for daily recount updates via the Wisconsin Elections Commission.


  • Count crisco

    Liberals creating jobs or living in alternative universe. I really wonder if the shock of loosing was too great and the denial stage set in. Even their dear leader didn’t show up to concede as she was fighting with her surrogates and hiding under her desk whist her minions were waiting for a victory speech.

    • FAUX 6 panders to liberals

      She did concede… that is what makes this recount even more pathetic. She already stepped down and the only reason she’s doing this is because she is using Stein as her “proxy” and using Stein’s funds to make it look like she has nothing to do with the process, when she does. The liberals are all sore losers and unfortunately we will have to put up with years of their cry baby whining. Even liberal-run Faux6 is crying like little babies that need a diaper change and will continue to post one-sided stories to try to make Trump look bad and every liberal look “good” at every opportunity.

  • liberty

    This a dog and pony show trying to discredit Trump. They will tie everything up so the House and Senate will have to put him in. Then they will try to Impeach him, because of how he got in. They are trying to destroy our country for their own gains. The Liberals think they are above the common people and we were meant to serve them. Sad state of affairs for our Great Country. God Bless America and hope he sees us worthy to grace our country.

    • StonedDude

      You aren’t going to get a huge change in the numbers. What you are getting are the ballots that were counted by the machines as “no vote” that were filled out improperly. Those are being added to each candidates’ vote tally.

  • Ed Parker

    I wonder if there are officials from President Elect Trump’s office at each recount facility in Wisconsin as well as the two other states? I do not trust democrats as they have exhibited many reasons not to trust them. The Green party, I do not know that much about and not aware of their trust worthiness. However, their willingness to spend $3.9 million on the Wisconsin recount, which they cannot win, sends a message as to what is their real motive behind this recount.

  • Christine Daniels

    The reason for the re-count is much deeper. If the re-count results are not completed by the deadline, then the 10 WI delegates cannot cast their ballots at the “official” election. That is why Stein targeted MI and PA as well. MI has 16 delegates and PA has 20. If their ballots are re-counted by the deadline, then those states’s delegates cannot vote either. That is just enough to keep Trump from getting the 270 he needs for the election. Of course Clinton won’t get them either – but that is besides the point. The vote would then go to the House.

    • StonedDude

      That is a good point. However, they have until December 13th. They counted the votes with first time within hours. This time they just have to hand recount the ones that the machines are giving “no votes” for the presidential election.

  • Joan Mcafee

    I do feel worried when the Racine Clerk states the Blue Pen does not read in the machines so they are being hand counted… ??? That statement would certainly guarantee only hand recounts… or blue pen put aside… such a simple obstruction as pen color….. people don’t double check that…you grab the pen that is there…

    • Liberal Hypocrisy

      Not sure what actually worries you. Blue pen, black pen, machine count or hand count. Stein is footing the bill and nothing will change. I again thank her for the stimulus of Leftist money being wasted on this publicity stunt.

  • Sean Meehan

    Why would you report the 0.1% error that has resulted in Racine County so far, but not the 20% error that has occurred so far in Milwaukee County (43,682 of 216,012 reported as of Day 6)? Also ignore the overcount of HRC’s votes by a 6-to-1 margin thus far, statewide, which indicates much less support for HRC than was counted on election night. The overcount for DJT statewide was about the same percentage as the other candidates. That’s the real story, so why are you hiding it? And stop buying into the hype, Wisconsinites, error does not equal conspiracy, you deserve better elections, and some us are demanding integrity because you’re too cynical to be bothered.

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