Presidential recount: 23 of 72 counties done; President-elect Donald Trump has added to his lead

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The presidential recount has been completed in several counties in southeastern Wisconsin — and President-elect Donald Trump has added to his lead over Hillary Clinton.

As of Tuesday, December 6th, the recount was officially done in Ozaukee County, Walworth County and Dodge County in southeastern Wisconsin.

The recount should be finished soon in Washington County and Sheboygan County.

There are still plenty of ballots to count in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County and Racine County.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says it is confident that voting machines in St. Croix County that had broken warranty seals are accurately tabulating and reporting results there.

The Commission issued a statement Tuesday, explaining why some of the voting machines in St. Croix County in northern Wisconsin had broken seals. It included an affidavit from a technician saying he broke them to service modems on the scanners. Commission officials said they’re confident the machines are accurately tabulating and reporting results.

The Commission said Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign had representatives on site who verified the accuracy of ballots fed through the machines.

St. Croix County reported after the recount that President-elect Donald Trump gained one vote over Hillary Clinton.

Statewide, President-elect Trump has added to his victory total in Wisconsin as the recount continues.

President-elect Trump had picked up 143 votes on Hillary Clinton based on counties that reported by Tuesday that they had completed the recount. President-elect Trump beat Clinton by about 22,000 votes in the state.

The recount in Wisconsin began on December 1st — and 23 out of the 72 counties were done as of December 6th.

In those counties, President-elect Trump has picked up 105 votes and Clinton has dropped 41 votes.

Here is the county-by-county breakdown:

Adams (-17 Trump, –25 Clinton)

Ashland (no change)

Barron (+8 Trump, +10 Clinton)

Buffalo (-1 Trump, -5 Clinton)

Columbia (+4 Trump, +2 Clinton)

Crawford (-8 Trump, -6 Clinton)

Dodge (-8 Trump, 0 Clinton)

Door (-4 Trump, -12 Clinton)

Florence (+1 Trump, -1 Clinton)

Forest (-1 Trump, -5 Clinton)

Green (no change)

Green Lake (+3 Trump, -8 Clinton)

Iron (-9 Trump, +2 Clinton)

Langlade (+42 Trump, -10 Clinton)

Menominee (-2 Trump, -1 Clinton)

Ozaukee (+34 Trump, +2 Clinton)

Polk (-5 Trump, -5 Clinton)

Price (-3 Trump, -2 Clinton)

Sauk (+8 Trump, -1 Clinton)

Shawano (no change)

St. Croix (+3 Trump, +2 Clinton)

Walworth (+12 Trump, +4 Clinton)

Washburn (+32 Trump, -2 Clinton)

Stein requested the recount of the nearly three million ballots cast. Stein got less than one percent of the statewide vote and has said her goal is to rule out any concerns about the integrity of the vote being compromised.

Officials with the Wisconsin Elections Commission said all counties are on track to finish by the December 12th deadline.

CLICK HERE for presidential recount results via the Wisconsin Elections Commission.


  • liberty

    The recount was to make people think that there is a true doubt that Trump won fairly. More of Hateful Hillary games for her own gain.

  • Callingarecountwhenyouarelastispetty

    I believe there should be a law passed regarding requesting a recount. Something to the affect “A recount can only be called if the vote in that state is close by so many votes (percent of the population in the state?) and can only be called by the candidate with in the range parameters”.

  • Acadamia nut

    Ah, sweet reminder on how the news outlets were calling Trump for FL, OH, NC, WI and finally PA to take the win was exhilarating to say the least. Clintonites came to celebrate the election of the first female president, gathering appropriately in a massive room with a clear glass ceiling. Fortunately they lost and left the Javits Center stunned and in tears. Feminist moms tightly clutched their little girls’ hands adorned in little pantsuits in disbelief as they scurried out, heads down, their hopes to make history dashed in the cruelest of ways. Clinton staffers walked around dazed, videos and music played to an increasingly empty hall under that still-unbroken ceiling. It was a victory to savor, Merry xmas to all and to all a good night.

  • Dan Thurs

    This interview explains the process of how the ballots are counted. It’s really an eye opening experience as to what goes in to it to ensure the count is accurate.

  • Michael

    Here is the thing…Two weeks before the election, Newsweek came out with a story that was leaked to them from one of the Dems on the intelligent committee suggesting that Russia was tampering in a major way with various elections around the world including the US. The Dems had a plan, if their worst nightmare came true (which it did) they would the Russian angle to cast doubt on the fairness of the election and use it as an excuse for recounts. Supposedly a group of scientists created a model that suggested hacking in Wisconsin. The model itself didn’t ID who did the hacking but a claim of a pattern. The scientists who created the model did so out of desperation because they fear their gravy train of money might be hindered. They did not name the two other targeted states for recounts. You can’t hack Michigan’s election because they only use paper. The Dems didn’t use the scientists model (only a token of it) because the Newsweek story already had the story revealed weeks earlier which is why it was expanded to two other states. Their plan was for a closer election than it was as it turns out, it was wider than what their plan called for but still implemented it, now they are relying on the excuse of making sure the election was fair and paying the Green Party big money to take the lead for the recounts, however, not all of the money will be used for the recounts but to further the cause for the political future of the Green Party which doesn’t have a chance to win an election!

  • John Clendenning

    This was not done to verify the election. It was done to delay, obstruct, and sow the seeds of doubt among the American people. Just another tactic of the totalitarian pushing leftists to take over the country by any means available. We have found the real deplorables and have defeated them.

    • confused

      John-exactly. They also tied to blame the machines because of the poll gaps-they said they were voting for clinton before election. They said clinton at the exit polls. But President Elect Trump won. Why? because a lot of people were scared to be called sexist, racist, white supremacists etc if they admitted they were going to vote Trump. Some people didn’t know till they got into the booth who they wanted. dems need to quit throwing shade by proxy (stein).

    • hell in a handbasket

      You are correct. If the libs can disrupt the electoral votes on the 19th then the House will select Trump and the Senate will select Pence. Then the lefties can spout for the next 4 years that Trump/Pence are “illegitimate”. Same crap they pulled in 2000.

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