9-year-old says he was fat-shamed by Santa

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FOREST CITY, N.C. -- A North Carolina mother says the local Santa Claus made her 9-year-old son cry, telling the child he needed to lay off hamburgers and fries, according to WLOS.

It all happened on Saturday when the family went to visit Santa in Forest City. Anthony Mayse, 9, asked for an iPod Touch and a drone for Christmas when he was allegedly fat-shamed.

"When he got done, he said, 'Lay off the hamburgers and french fries," Mayse told WLOS. "And that really just disrespected me, and I felt awful."

"It affected me so bad that I was crying until I went to bed that night," Anthony said. "And I want to say to him, 'You don't want to disrespect a 9-year-old. Even though what shape and size you are, it doesn't matter."

According to WLOS, Santa later apologized to the family.


  • Judas Priest

    That is awesome!!!! Kids now a days are wimps, suck it up and take Santa’s advice porky, go outside and get some exercise

  • Background information? Nah

    How about some background information? Does the child (who is obviously obese) have a medical condition that explains his weight? If so, I’m on the mother’s side. If he does not and this is simply a result of over eating then Santa is definitely got a point. After all, he out of all people should know about what it is like being obese, right?

  • ;lasjd;lkfdja

    ALL babies are beautiful. There are A LOT of factors than go in to why young kids are obese….the last thing any child of any race, size, or gender need is to be bullied by Santa. Shame on that Santa.

  • Jan

    Santa didn’t say anything disrespectful. Santa simply stated a fact, likely trying to help this kid. His mother obviously runs to the news media because her kid was offended. The kid cried all day over this? This kid has way bigger problems than being overweight. If his mom doesn’t do something to prepare him for real life, he is going to be crying every day and living with her for the rest of his life. Thanks to his mom, this kid doesn’t stand a chance.

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