In addition to audit, County Board pushes for external investigation into Milwaukee County Jail

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- More Milwaukee County leaders are calling for an external investigation of the Milwaukee County Jail -- in addition to the current audit of the jail's medical services. On Tuesday, December 6th, the County Board chairman said he wants a third party to look into jail operations as a whole.

The concerns stem from four deaths at the jail this year -- within a six-month period. Three were inmates and one was a newborn baby. County leaders fear these deaths could be representative of a larger problem.


"I am collecting these stories," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde.milwaukee-county-board

Omokunde, chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, wants anyone with complaints about their treatment at the jail to contact him.

"Because I want to know from people who are in our jails what is actually happening. Because these four deaths are representative of a culture in our jails. It is not good. It is a terrible thing," said Omokunde.

Omokunde on December 1st called for the resignation of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke after these deaths.

County auditors are now looking into the contract the county has with a private company called "Armor," which provides medical services at the jail and the House of Correction.

Milwaukee County Jail

Milwaukee County Jail

Board members are also calling for an outsider to conduct a broader investigation into what's going on inside the jail.

"The time has come for an independent investigation that is not housed in the county," said Marina Dimitrijevic, Milwaukee County Board supervisor.

FOX6 News asked a spokeswoman for Sheriff Clarke whether he would cooperate with this request. She said, "The sheriff doesn't run the medical contract. The HOC does."county-jail

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele Office said he hopes pressure from the community will convince the sheriff to comply.

"It's a very concerning situation and we think having outside investigators come in to do an audit is a good thing," said Melissa Baldauff, Abele's spokeswoman.

Because Sheriff Clarke is an elected official, the board does not have the authority to tell him what to do.

Investigators haven't said yet whether the four deaths were the result of inadequate medical attention. However, one has been ruled a homicide.


  • John Doe

    I would like to tell Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde my story.
    I tried to tell my attorney but once you pay them and you get sentenced they are done with your case.
    My treatment was not that bad from the actual sheriffs that worked there. A few had attitudes but what can an inmate do? You have zero power and few “rights”.
    The “Correction officers” are the main problem. There was only two that I (and the other inmates) liked and respected.
    There was one correction officer that I called “Hitler’s son” If another inmate would have attacked that guard we wouldn’t have done a thing to help or stop it. One inmate said he would just get up from the common room in our pod and go to his cell and close the door.

    I was on Huber work release but Milwaukee county does NOT have a Huber facility so you are locked in the Milwaukee county Jail. I had to wear USED underwear (why can’t you wear your own or at least get issued a NEW pair cost $2.)
    You do not get a pillow, there is no hot water. I wasn’t allowed to go to work several times. The place is a mess.
    Laundry day was the craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

    They NEED a court appointed “liaison officer” to come to the jail EVERY morning to check on the inmates and see if there are any complaints against the guards and staff. Who are you going to report to now? The same guards that are mistreating you and violating your rights or court order? If you want or need to see or talk to a judge an inmate should be able to request it through the liaison officer.
    The way it is set now you have to “order” an envelope and stamp, pay for it from your inmate account, file a request or complaint and then MAIL IT to your Judge NEXT DOOR! It can take a week! The liaison officer could file a request on the inmates behalf immediately.

    Why would you put a pregnant woman in jail? Why does the city, county and state want to lock up it’s citizens and take responsibility of them? Only violent or repeat offenders should be locked up.
    The can do electronic home monitoring which the inmate has to pay for but Clarke doesn’t want to do that. The more offender he locks up in his jails the more Federal money he can request and receive from the Government.

  • John Doe

    I made a request to speak with my Judge and I was “shackled” at 8 am and walked over to the courthouse were I was “caged” with other inmates while I waited to see the judge. I was told I would have a chance to speak with my attorney. It took 3 hours before I was walked into the court room in “Shackles” (I did mention before I was on Huber law work release and I get out of jail 5 days per week and come back every morning on my own. YET I was “Shackled” around my waist.) My attorney wasn’t even aware I was there in person and I never had a chance to speak with him. My appearance lasted less then 10 minutes. Then I was caged again. We were all “Chain ganged” together in the courthouse and shuffled to another cell where we were caged again as the staff took their hour lunch break.
    What took less then 10 minutes took half the day. Why could they have done the court “appearance” over a TV video monitor? Why could they have just got me an hour before and walked me over there? I was on Huber work release. What was I going to do? Try to “escape” while locked in the court house or do something to lose my Huber law privileges? Waste of time. waste of man power. waste of money. Babysitting for grown up.

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