Sobering mistake: Milwaukee’s MobCraft Beer apologizes for beer submission named “Date Grape”

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MILWAUKEE -- One of Milwaukee's newest breweries is apologizing after a name of a proposed beer sparks outrage. The beer, "Date Grape," was submitted for an online competition and made it on the companies website.

MobCraft Beer

MobCraft Beer

At MobCraft Beer in Walker's Point, you decide what is brewed.

"Each month, we take idea submissions from anywhere across the U.S., for a beer that people would want us to brew," said Henry Schwartz, MobCraft Beer.

A monthly competition allows users to submit ideas and share them with friends.mobcraft-beer3

"The top eight go into our monthly vote," said Schwartz.

Henry Schwartz

Henry Schwartz

A process president, Henry Schwartz, says was done automatically using computer algorithms with no human intervention, now coming with a big apology.

"We looked into it and said holy crap this is horrible. This is a name that cannot be in our monthly voting round," said Schwartz.

Making the top eight in this month's competition: a submission from a man in Colorado, called "Date Grape" -- the pun on "date rape" and alcohol going viral online.

MobCraft Beer"Date Grape"

MobCraft Beer"Date Grape"

Many are expressing outrage.

"Shook my head like here we go again," said Maryann Clesceri, head of "The Healing Center."


Maryann Clesceri

Maryann Clesceri is the head of the nearby Aurora Healthcare's "The Healing Center." They provide free resources for sexual assault victims. She says the beer idea submission is hurtful.

"Again, they are feeling of being minimized and what happened to them isn't important," said Clesceri.

MobCraft has deleted the submission, changed their process to include human editorial checks and balances -- and promises offensive submissions won't make their website again.

"I'd love to say I'm one embarrassed and two very sorry that any offensive beer name came up on our website," said Schwartz. mobcraft-beer

"He seems really sincere in his outreach that he absolutely feels this is never OK," said Clesceri.

An apology accepted by advocates after a sobering mistake.


  • Metal Maniac

    Mayan Mocha Stout is offensive to the lost mayan civilization. Hop Damn is offensive to families. Original Sin Porter is offensive to anyone who is religious. Imperial Red Eye is offensive to me because Imperialism is a monarchy and I am for freedom of the people.

    Don’t you see how stupid this is? The process of healing should involve personal growth and strength. If what a stranger posted on a beer name submission form offends you, you should really find a better healing center. Just let it roll right past you and move on. Don’t stop and argue about it. Comedy in this country is dead, clearly these people need to laugh more.

    • Requesting accountability

      I’ll drink to that. And many more serious things to deal with in our communities and our country. Get a grip! And,yes,I am female.

      • gush

        I don’t care about anything else, grape doesn’t go well with beer.
        The reason not to brew it is stupid, the good reason is beer and grape juice doesn’t go well together.

  • Brian C

    “Date Grape” is freaking hilarious. Why do people expect us to forego humor due to politically correct BS. Get over yourselves.

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