“Outraged and appalled:” Milwaukee moms march to Sheriff Clarke’s office demanding he resign

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- "Outraged and appalled" -- those are the words from a group of moms in Milwaukee. The Progressive Moms of Milwaukee say Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke should explain what's going on at the county jail in light of four recent inmate deaths.milwaukee-moms

The four deaths were within a six month period and the group of mothers who demonstrated on Friday, December 9th, said the jail is an unsafe environment. They say someone needs to be held accountable for the recent deaths.

Hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children.

"We are not violent individuals but we want to show that we are caring mothers," said Andrea Rodriguez-Strock, Progressive Moms of Milwaukee.milwaukee-moms4

Friday morning, mothers from the group Progressive Moms of Milwaukee, marched into Sheriff Clarke's office with their children in tow.

"Having the children here for us is mainly to be of the fact that we are serious about this, we are peaceful about this, we are going to do something that is OK for our children to be at," said Rodriguez-Strock.milwaukee-moms3

Their message: a request for an investigation into the Milwaukee County Jail. Their letter says they are appalled by the four deaths inside the Milwaukee County Jail in just six months. Most notably a newborn delivered by an inmate.

"Everybody knows that childbirth is not a quiet thing; that woman suffered. That man that dehydrated to death clearly suffered, it's just not OK and we don't want Milwaukee to be known for that," said Rodriguez-Strock.

Sheriff Clarke didn't answer any of our questions directly -- rather sent us to the county jail's Facebook page where he responded to the Progressive Moms group:

The Progressive Moms are now requesting a face-to-face meeting with the sheriff.


  • Clayton Bigsby

    You are a moron joe rangle. Keep voting for those loser dems who keep you under their thumb. You should be locked up in jail too!!

    • Clarke is a prostitute!!

      Clarke is a sucker fish idiot and a major clown without make up!! For those of you that support him, explain how 4 people can die under his watch and he continues to deflect like nothing happened! Clarke can go straight to hell!!

  • Mike Johnson

    as the sheriff said who cares about 4 inmates in jail who died? how many homicides are there everyday in the city of milwaukee? any of these stupid media loving drama groups want to provide any insight on that? didnt think so. black lives only matter when there are dollar signs in it for the family or if it fits their political propaganda

  • Robyn Moore

    Our country is has fallen to an all time low IMO lots of protesting in favor of criminals but little to none for real justice for victims . No outrage for the far too many who get no justice for the crimes committed against them SMH

  • Z

    These women are more of the pathetic hypocrisy ridden left.

    Why aren’t you marching to Barrett’s office to demand a stop to the actual violence on the street?

    Nothing but bored housewives who are misguided by left slanted media.

  • confused

    Mine did too so I will also repeat: Mothers PARENT your child instead of collecting money. Do not do the crime you don;t have to do the time or pay the fine.

  • Tom McTrolley

    These progressive mom’s of Milwaukee need to be more concerned as to why their children end up in jail. Do that and then they don’t have to worry about them dying there.

  • polymorph

    See the picture with trump, that’s why they did it, not a peep before a possible position in trumps cabinet.

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