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Wisconsin DNR suggests higher fees, naming rights at state parks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON — Higher fees, more electricity, rental cabins and corporate sponsorships could be in store for Wisconsin’s state parks.

The 2015 state budget removed all state support from the parks and raised admission fees. Analysts say the move is projected to create an annual $1.4 million deficit in the parks account.

The Department of Natural Resources has released a number of recommendations for raising money, including expanding electrical service to hundreds of campsites for recreational vehicle users, creating rental lodging and selling naming rights to park facilities.

The recommendations come as Gov. Scott Walker is crafting the next state budget. Democrats say the recommendations would make the parks too expensive for families.


  • confused

    Democrats say the recommendations would make the parks too expensive for families.
    But Ablee (spelling?) wanted to charge for parking in the lot at the riverfront in Milwaukee. Us working families know that everything goes up and some things you just will not be able to do any more. That’s life. It’snot like camping has ever really been all that cheap-especially when you are 1st starting and need to get the equipment. One weekend a year with a bit of an increase is no big deal. Teaches kids to save up and cut back on something else for a “fun” goal instead of haning everything handed to them on a silver platter.

  • Shaun Blasier (@SaltyShaun)

    DO NOT RENAME THE PARKS! They are fine just the way they are, who wants to figure out where a park is when they already know WHERE it is by the current name? QUIT SELLING Wisconsin like she is a WHORE, get it? Walker and State GOP?.

    • Z

      You dumb libs have such kneejerk responses.

      Parks won’t be renamed. At most it would be parking areas, trail names, or camping site names that would change. The parks would remain the same.

      Then again, it might never happen at all. It’s called a “SUGGESTION”, or what some call an “IDEA”. By your childish reaction, you would have people believe it is a done deal already.

  • J227

    Naming rights??? So places like Governor Dodge State Park will be renamed by a corporate sponsor….like verizon wireless state park? No thanks. Just raise the fees…..they will still come. If they don’t and tourism revenue plummets in these areas residents will have to try to get the state funding back by lobbying their state representatives and senators.

    • confused

      3227 & Shaun they are not re-naming the parks, things in the park-like maybe an AT & T pavilion, or the Verizon water fountain, Quad Graphics Climbing Tower, or Charter Restrooms. The park names will remain unchanged. It’s the “things” that need upkeep and cost, so if companies want to sponsor them to help keep family cost down more power to them.

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