Ahead for Michelle Obama? Figuring out what comes next

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First Lady Michelle Obama joined United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for an announcement on school wellness and to highlight the progress being made in school health environments across the country.

WASHINGTON — So what’s next for Michelle Obama after she’s done being first lady?

She’ll have her pick of options when she leaves the White House next month. And just as the first lady’s role is undefined, there’s no script for what comes afterward.

The widowed Jacqueline Kennedy remarried and became a New York book editor. Laura Bush continues her advocacy for literacy and Afghan women. Hillary Clinton launched her political career and bid for the U.S. Senate before her family left the White House.

Some things Mrs. Obama will likely do right away involve taking a vacation, setting up her family’s new home in Washington and writing a memoir.

She’s also pledged to continue working on her first lady issues. They include childhood obesity and girls’ education.

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  • Eddy Myballsitch

    She can be a “professional tour guide” because she has been on a “constant vacation” the last eight years (at the tax payers expense)!

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