“The sales have really started:” Cold snap means busy day for buying car batteries

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MILWAUKEE -- More snow -- on its way this weekend (with a Winter Storm Warning set to take effect on Friday, December 16th at 2:00 p.m.) has a Milwaukee business seeing a surge of car battery buyers. cold-car

"As I'm trying to start it, it's just hesitant but it happened to start. I had to run and do everything that I needed done and keep the car running. I was just praying that it was going to start this morning -- so that's what brings me here," said Kenyatta Willis.


On Thursday, December 15th, Willis walked into Milwaukee's Remy Battery Company with considerable company -- folks trying to keep their cars in condition to cope with the bitter cold.cold-car3

"The sales have really started to gradually increase and we're expecting that. We're going to see a real big tick over the weekend," said Mike Moeller.

Mike Moeller

Mike Moeller

Moeller is Remy's president, and he said he's pleased with the plunge in temperatures expected this weekend.

"This is really when we shine-- when the temperature comes and drops down into the lower single digits. That's typically when we start seeing the first rush," said Moeller.

Moeller explained sub-zero temps tend to send a second surge to his business. While he normally hopes to get those in January, they are in the forecast for this weekend.cold-car2

"Very early Christmas for us! It's nice to have this Christmas gift -- we're blessed," said Moeller.

The folks at Remy Battery suggest those purchasing batteries pay particular attention to what are known as "cold-cranking amps," which indicate the battery's performance at 0°.