Classmates surprise student with new shoes in touching video

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SOMERSET, Texas – A group of Texas students came together to make sure that one of their own wouldn’t go without.

Somerset High School J.R. Gilbert has special needs and had been wearing size 10 shoes, even though the lanky sophomore is actually a size 13, the school wrote in a Facebook post. His classmates decided to raise money to buy him not one, but two new pairs of shoes for Christmas.

With cellphones recording all around, a large group of students brought J.R. in to give him the presents before the holiday break.

After Gilbert tears the wrapping paper off the first gift, his reaction is priceless:


  • Mark

    to all you gang banger wannabes out there stealing cars and beating up old people to steal their purses…. THIS is what it’s all about. Unfortunately the majority of these punks will just never understand what’s truly important in life.

  • kw

    awww this just warmed my heart!!! thank you to all the students who helped with this.. makes you realize that in this cold world there still are some who care!!!

  • Carolyn

    How wonderful to see something good on the news for a change- thank you to all the students for their acceptance and caring!

  • Jessica Borkert

    this made my day! I love to see the world of young people come together to do amazing things! He will definately appreciate this! you guys are amazing!!!!

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