“Waiting for it to come:” Wisconsinites get set for a weekend of snowfall

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OZAUKEE COUNTY-- Ready for round one? Folks in the northern part of our area are already starting to get hit as this winter storm continues to move through our area. Drivers are also urged to be extra cautious on the roads.


The snowfall is picking up and it seems residents are not only bracing themselves for the commute during rush hour, but the long haul as well.

Armed with the season's necessities, shopper Karen Schnetzky is one of many at Ace's Hardware stocking up. From salt to window kits, residents in Ozaukee County are preparing to deal with nearly a foot of snow.

"I'm not coming out of my house until Monday," said Schnetzky.north-shore-snow

While some dread the blustery weather, other shoppers are eager for it.

While traffic picked up in anticipation of the storm, traffic on the roads is expected to slow down greatly.

J.D. Hoile

J.D. Hoile

"We appreciate if people can stay home, otherwise keep your driving to a limited. We will be out and keeping the streets open," said City of Port Washington Street Commissioner, J.D. Hoile.

Street Commissioner J.D. Hoile says crews are ready to handle whatever blows their way.

"The longevity of the storm is the biggest problem, we are going to run in shifts we will have guys in from 3:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., then a second shift come overnight; the salt trucks are ready, the plows are ready to go so we feel confident its just really what the storm is going to give us and we are prepared for that that is," said Hoile.north-shore-snow2

That's pretty much the case in most of the north shore cities. Bracing for the impact as a significant amount of snowfall is expected to fall in the northern part of our area over the next day and a half.north-shore-snow3

"We are just kind of waiting for it to come," said Hoile.

While the northern cities are working on keeping the streets as dry as possible, the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office tells FOX6 News deputies are watching how the storm is progressing. If needed, first shift will be extended and the third shift in early to overlap coverage.