Public Safety Survey: 70% say crime in Milwaukee is so bad, they’ve considered moving

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Fatal shooting near 5th and Walnut, Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — Your input could soon help make Milwaukee safer.

A Public Safety Survey in Milwaukee has been completed — with more than 1,600 people participating.

Participants said the three greatest problems in the city are: Carjackings, residential burglaries and reckless driving.

Residents said they want more officers on foot and bicycle.

70% of residents said they see crime in the city as such a big problem they’ve considered moving.

A Milwaukee Common Council committee will review these results. There could be a new safety plan in place in 2017.

CLICK HERE to view the survey results.


  • Wow

    Total joke. How can you enforce the reckless driving? It’s been encouraged for 5 years or more now. The people driving reckless know the police can’t and won’t chase them. Good dilemma our leaders put us in.

    • Used to love Milwaukee

      Oh yea.. this includes burglaries too… Yes a cop could pull up watching a burglar carry your property out of your house. If the guys jumps in his car they have to watch him drive off. This happened to my neighbor. The cops told her they couldn’t chase them. I guess 2 out of the 3 things listed can’t be fixed. Really nice.

  • Shallowhal

    City is ran by idiots. They’ll hire another data analyst to find out why Milwaukee residents feel this way. Stupid spending, dumb judges and an idiotic mayor. Welcome to Kilwaukee…..

  • Daniel W.

    Wouldnt matter if criminals are caught anyway, they’d be out the next day. No consequences for their actions. None of the city officials care. Why would they? At the end of the day, they’re still taking home over 75k a year for failing their citizens.

  • Truth Seeker

    I am happy I am moving back to the Rocky Mountain West. Being a native of Milwaukee I am ashamed what is going on. A useless mayor that never worked in a day in his life more worried about a useless trolley and attending banquet dinners and ribbon cutting ceremonies while Milwaukee in burning. I know Four business owners pulling their businesses out of Milwaukee. This survey won’t be acted on by city leaders. Milwaukee is turning into another Detroit just a matter of time.

  • Hillary

    Barrett is basically clueless. Only interest is padding his pension for retirement. The rest of Milwaukee politicians are in it for personal gain.

  • Gary Hamilton

    This city, thanks to our local far left political leaders is beyond repair. Barrett, Flynn, Chisholm, and our liberal judges cater to the criminal element. Property values have drastically dropped and crime is now out of control!

  • Pants up / don't loot

    Nice survey results, keep electing the same idiots to run your city into the ground. Good luck seeing any police soon, several hundred will retire within two years and there is no plan to replace them. Plus don’t expect the police to even get out of their cars they wouldnt want to shoot someone pointing a gun at them because they’d get charged with homicide. Good luck Milwaukee, glad the suburb’s prices are high so you can afford to move and ruin it out here too.

  • The truth hurts

    Phil, if you were from Milwaukee you would know that burglary, car jacking, and reckless driving are out of control. But you bring race into your argument when it does not apply. And people do want to solve the problem but know it cannot be achieved without major political change.

  • Concerned

    This brief reporting doesn’t do much for journalistic integrity. What are the factors at play here? Where did the results come from in regards to districts? Most participants come from the third aldermanic district. The report mentions no income demographics – Those who have access to computers and the internet were able to take this survey. How many people did not finish the survey? Through what means did people gain access to the link itself? Results are skewed and in no way should the survey drive policy and half-truthed news reports. This survey report is not reflective of us as a city.

  • Metal Maniac

    Milwaukee was nice because it was close to family but reading stuff like this reminds me of why I moved. There are about 20 other cities in the US the same size with similar job outlook and similar housing prices. The lakefront NEEDS to get cleaned up, people can’t even enjoy swimming in the water. It is full of garbage and probably poo.

    Criminals need to be sent back to Chicago where they came from. Criminals run this city including Barrett (the man in charge). Kids grow up stealing cars because that is simply what you do when you live in Milwaukee. The rest of the town who isn’t out stealing is drunk out of their minds.

    Most of the middle class lives an hour out of town because the city is just not a good place to raise kids or have a normal life.

    My suggestion is if you like the snow, move to Denver. If you like warm weather move to Las Vegas or Phoenix.

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