“Senseless murder over foolishness:” Milwaukee’s police chief reacts to fatal shooting of pregnant teen

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's police chief called the murder of 15-year-old Melanie Johnson the result of "foolishness." That response came on Wednesday, December 21st after police identified and charged two men in Johnson's death on Tuesday.

Investigators believe this was not a random crime, but Johnson was not the intended target.

Melanie Johnson

Melanie Johnson

The teen, who was pregnant at the time, was inside her home near 35th and Silver Spring on December 12th when police say 18-year-old Alex Dixon and 19-year-old Martaouse Holloway shot at the house from outside. Two bullets struck and killed Johnson.

According to the criminal complaint, those close to the family said Johnson's brother may have had an ongoing issue with Dixon and Holloway because he was dating a girl who was the mother of Dixon's child.

Alex Dixon, Martaouse Holloway

Alex Dixon, Martaouse Holloway

Nine days after the crime, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called for the violence against children to end.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

"I mean, how many young people have we had murdered in the city in the last three years because imbeciles with guns shot up the wrong house -- or meant to shoot somebody else -- or were shooting at each other," Flynn said. "We have a senseless murder over foolishness. It's awful. We're glad we've made an arrest. We know we're seeking another suspect. So we'll be able to solve this crime so to speak, but it's a little consolation to the families."

Chief Flynn told reporters on Wednesday the entire community needs to take action against this kind of behavior.

"We can't fix this issue until more people send the consistent message that using deadly violence to redress beefs and grudges and insults is wildly wrong," Flynn said.

While Dixon is in custody, officers are still searching for Holloway. He was sentenced in March to two years probation for accidentally shooting his brother. Police say Holloway has been on the run since April 21st when a warrant was issued for violating probation.


  • Opinion8d

    Sadly that’s the part nobody reports. I would love to see a study of some of these ‘families’ that are in the news. How many kids, moms/dads, the whole family tree. Education level, criminal backgrounds, what kind and how much aid/programs, etc. The breeding is out of control and no one even raises the ones that they have! Dixon, who is only 18 was mad because the brother was dating the mother of his child?!?! Does Dixon pay support? How old is his baby mama?! And if anyone wonders why MPS struggles -what do you do with a mentality/culture like this?!?!

  • BLM are terrorists

    Oh look, FAUX6 removed all of the comments again. Guess the truth hurts doesn’t it FAUX6 Libtards? We don’t want anyone pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals who run FAUX6 and have readers who dare to ask where the “BLM” movement outrage in this tragedy, right? Oh that’s right the BLM only show up if they can bash/blame white people.. they really don’t care about anything else, now do they? It has also been pointed out by several readers that there is a lack of focus on inbreeding issues and underage sex issues, which are promptly brushed under the carpet by the cucks at FAUX6 who don’t want to tackle the underlying issues.

  • walloffthenorthside

    Yes? Where did my comment go faux 6? I said what was foolish is chief Flynn, Mayor Barrett and DA Chisolms way of dealing with crime and noted that this was normal behavior in the hood. But how dare I bash your hero’s right?

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