Police: 16-year-old from Florida falls to his death from outdoor water slide, which was closed

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LAKE DELTON -- A 16-year-old boy from Florida is dead after falling more than 30 feet from an outdoor water slide at a resort in Lake Delton, officials say.

Lake Delton police say he and his two brothers were sledding on other hills when they hopped a locked fence at the park and sled down an outdoor water slide around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 21st.

The teen allegedly got stuck in the snow about half-way down the slide and as he tried to free himself, he fell about 35 feet to the ground.

Authorities say a paramedic was driving by the water park at the time and hopped the fence with a defibrillator. The teen died from his injuries.

Lake Delton police say the family was visiting the Dells to experience snow for the first time.

No charges are being issued.


Officials noted the outdoor water park was closed for the season -- and the area where this happened was fenced and all gates were closed and padlocked.

Mt. Olympus - Hotel Rome

Mt. Olympus - Hotel Rome

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  • Royal Roost

    They were customers of the indoor portion of the resort. It appears that the kids entered the restricted padlocked area on their own. And because some people do stupid things, sometime with deadly consequences.

  • MikeHunt

    Too bad, so sad. Don’t go into locked areas and all will be fine. Quick reminder as the idiot meter is spiking: if you get coffee at a drive-thru, yeah it might be hot. Oops, almost forgot – snow is slippery.

  • Lindarth

    Really, a chain link fence and gates with padlocks? Why not a real fence meant to stop people? They should have security cameras and could even have an alarm on the fence. How sad this is. We all know boys are going to be boys.

    • confused

      ?? Gated and locked. CLOSED. Personal responsibility is on the kids and parents. Cannot imagine the butt whupping I would have gotten had I been the surviving kid. The park is NOT at fault. At 16 you should be able to read CLOSED. Trespass gone wrong, just like the kid that drowned over summer trespassing at a closed pool AFTER climbing the fence. These kind of ridiculous acts increase insurance costs to the park and result in lawsuits and closures.

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