Flash flood watch for most of SE Wisconsin through 7 a.m. Saturday

“More people on the roads:” Snowy weather expected to impact holiday travel

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MILWAUKEE -- The snow has already arrived in parts of southeastern Wisconsin and it catches us just as many are driving to our various destinations.travel

"It's a white Christmas. Why would you want a Christmas in Arizona, where there's just deserts," said Janet Budiac, not worried about weather.

Friday, where there's snow, there are concerns that it may make travel treacherous.

"They were coming on Monday and the flight was canceled because of all the cold weather," said Neoma Orsburn, made alternate plans.travel3

Neoma Orsburn explains her family prepared an alternate plan for her to pick up her grandson, Jace, with with weather in mind.

"I was thinking if there was snowing and everything. I'm gonna have to take more time to get there," said Orsburn.

In Washington County, Kristin Hayden mimicked Orsburn's strategy by making her moves ahead of the predicted snowfall.travel2

"Living in Wisconsin, you don't know what you're gonna get, so you take advantage of the dry time when you can before the roads get heavy with the ice and the snow," said Hayden.

Kristin Hayden

Kristin Hayden

With Christmas just two days away, she knows the crowds are coming.

"There'll be more people on the roads with the shopping and the roads will be heavy with traffic and trying to avoid that along with the weather and what problems there could be on the roads," said Hayden.

Stay safe out on the roads, as accumulation is already out there.

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