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“It’s like she vanished:” Concern turns to fear as woman critically missing since October

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee mother of three has not been seen or heard from since October. Her loved ones' concern has now turned to fear.

Jamie Hoaglan's mother said her daughter just got a new job, loves and adores her children and things were looking up. She feels suspicious that her daughter is MIA.

Nancy Villwock

Nancy Villwock

"It`s a sad situation," Nancy Villwock, Hoaglan's mother said.

Villwock said each day without her daughter is heart-wrenching.

"Everyone has been looking for her day in and day out, flyers and social media, and absolutely nothing," Villwock said.

Villwock said the 31-year-old was at her home on 19th Street in mid-October when her child's father met her to pick up their son.

Jamie Hoaglan

Jamie Hoaglan

"She said she was going to be going around 49th and Hadley and that`s the last ever conversation," Villwock said.

9th and National

9th and National

She disappeared, possibly while on the way to that location, if she never made it there.

"She was last seen in the vicinity of 9th and National. She would always go to the corner gas station for a soda or whatever. They have not seen her in months. I don't know if there was foul play," Villwock said.

Jamie Hoaglan

Jamie Hoaglan

Villwock said Hoaglan's phone now goes directly to voicemail. Her social media page has not been active and friends have not heard from her.

"It's like she vanished and someone out there knows something. I know they do, and they are not coming forward," Villwock said.

Police have been looking into this critically missing person's case, as Villwock looks to the public for help.

Jamie Hoaglan

Jamie Hoaglan

"I'm hoping someone would come forward. I don`t care if an accident happened. Just come forward and give the family some closure. I won't stop until we find her," Villwock said.

If you have any information regarding Hoaglan's whereabouts or if you can help with a timeline as to when you last had contact with her, you're asked to contact the Milwaukee Police Department's Sensitive Crimes unit.


    • Cieanna

      It’s not the father he was not the last last to see her he went to get their child as he always did he has custody of their child

      • Nancy Villwock

        Why was HIS/their son at a sex offenders house????if father cared. He damn well would not have allowed THEIR SON TO BE THERE!!

    • Nancy Villwock

      Yes this is her mother. And if you dont have any important information. Dont waste our time. And yes. Her mother and tons of people have been searching for her. Duh. Who the hell you think got the story on fox6 – YES HER MOTHER. NEVER SAY NEVER BECAUSE ONE DAY THIS COULD BE YOUR STORY ON TV SEARCHING FOR YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS. SO DONT CRITICIZE BECAUSE HER MOTHER HAS SEARCHED AND SEARCHED. SO ALL YOU HATERS. KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF. UNLESS YOU HAVE INFORMATION TO AID IN THE SEARCH

      • Wowwwww

        sounds like the only “hater” here is you hating on the child’s father. sounds like you’re the one wasting people’s time talking on news forums about “haters”. she’s been missing for over 2 months and you just now decided to contact the news? why don’t you quit wasting people’s time and figure out why your daughter may not want to come home to your unstable ass?

  • JaneDoe

    I still think she might be prostituting. She has that “look” check backpage.. North Dakota… South Dakota.

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