President Obama vs. President-elect Trump: Dispute erupts over who would have won

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President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump

HONOLULU — President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama are trading competing claims about who would have won if the 2016 presidential election had been a contest between the two men.

President Obama said in a podcast hosted by his former adviser David Axelrod that he’s confident he would have won a majority of Americans if he’d run this year on the vision he’s pursued for the last eight. He said Democrats didn’t communicate that vision clearly enough this year.

But President-elect Trump is disputing Obama’s claim. He said on Twitter that President Obama should say that, but added, “I say NO WAY!”

President-elect Trump is suggesting Obama’s record is the reason he wouldn’t have won again. He’s pointing to jobs leaving the U.S., “Obamacare” struggles and the conflict against the Islamic State group.


  • Libsareliars

    So why is this even news?? The liberal media still wetting the bed that Trump won? Give Obama a one way ticket out of this county. No one cares what this idiot says anymore!!!

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    It’s possible that obama could have won, after all the mainstream media to include Faux 6, their owners Tribune Media Services and their national news provider CNN would have done their liberal best to help.

  • Scott

    Lol. Obama claims Democrats didn’t communicate clearly? If only Obama had campaigned on behalf of the Democratic par … oh wait. Never mind :)

  • liberty

    Who cared what Obama had to say in the last 8 years? The only thing he will remember are the lavish vacations him and his family took on the taxpayers tab. The only way you could ever find him was by calling all the golf courses. I know Trump is going to be busy turning all the anti-American crap he did to the country around. A real American!

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