New information: Police review 2012 death of Corey Stingley, restrained at convenience store

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WEST ALLIS -- The case of a teenage boy who died after being restrained following a shoplifting incident is back under review. West Allis police on Wednesday, December 28th confirmed they're taking a look at new information presented in connection with Corey Stingley's death.

"I've just gone over it and over it again," Craig Stingley said. "Honestly, it`s been one of the most difficult things I`ve ever had to do."

Stingley's father said he's been reviewing evidence in his son's death. He said he found some things he believes were overlooked -- and now, investigators are taking another look at the case.

"It is information that pertains to the injuries that my son sustained," Craig Stingley said.

In December of 2012, Stingley went into a West Allis convenience store.


Surveillance video shows the teen putting liquor bottles into his backpack. At the counter, the clerk confronted Stingley, who then tried to run off. That's when three men inside the store took Stingley down -- restraining him until police arrived.

The restraint was so forceful Stingley stopped breathing.

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

Two weeks later, he died from his injuries.

The autopsy report shows the cause of death was found to be "anoxic encephalopathy" -- a lack of oxygen to the brain due to asphyxia and physical restraint.

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

In January of 2014, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced he would not file criminal charges.

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

John Chisholm

John Chisholm

"Was there any intentional crime here? In other words, were they acting with intent to harm him in any significant way? There is no evidence of that whatsoever," John Chisholm, Milwaukee County district attorney said after his decision.

Last fall, Craig Stingley sued the three men for wrongful death -- while one of the men got a restraining order against Stingley.

At that time, Stingley disputed the district attorney's reasoning for not filing charges.

"Any adult or most children know if you choke someone, you can harm them. You learn that in grade school. Their actions caused the life of a 16-year-old child to come to an end," Craig Stingley said following the restraining order hearing in October of 2015.

Craig Stingley

Craig Stingley

Stingley told FOX6 News on Wednesday he has been reviewing the case and now, has evidence he believes should lead to charges. He would not say what that evidence is -- only that part of it involves eyewitness accounts.

In a statement, West Allis Deputy Police Chief Bob Fletcher said "members of the WAPD met with Mr. Stingley last week. During that time, Mr. Stingley provided information to the WAPD. That information, as well as the previous police reports will be reviewed by investigators."

Thursday, December 29th marks the four-year anniversary of Corey Stingley's death.

"Justice will be served -- if there is such a thing as justice," Craig Stingley said.

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

A jury trial is set to begin in fall of 2016 in connection with a civil suit. Two of the three men have been dismissed from that case.

Fox 6 reached out to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office Wednesday to see if attorneys there were aware of the new review. The DA's office has yet to respond.


    • Stephen Anderson

      Wow, petty theft = death penalty?!?? I see what kind of world you want to live in. The clerk knew him, knew his dad, had his back pack, knew his name. Those men held down and choked a minor to fest for trying to steal some booze. If that was the response to all kids we’d have a lot of death in our hands. I mean the dude that stole liquor we from a Walmart in Texas and then ran over and killed people, got off with probation. This kid died for trying to steal some Zima and running away. Wow, we know how you value human life.

  • deletedagain

    If it’s acceptable for Cory Stingly to break the law it’s OK for honest citizens to detain him. Cory had the intent to break the law, the three guys had no intent of killing him ( as per the DA) What makes you people so quick to condemn honest people ?

    • Shavon

      Exactly! This should be common sense, but so many people don’t think this way. If that good samaritan that held him down receives a judgment against him, no one will ever step up to stop a thief and criminal. This world has got to change.

  • Truth

    Untrained folks taking the law into their own hands wouldn’t have caused his death had he not put them in a situation to leap into action.
    Kid by NO means deserved to die, just saying if he isn’t stealing, these people never try to play hero.

  • Pete

    He states: “Any adult or most children know if you choke someone, you can harm them. You learn that in grade school. Their actions caused the life of a 16-year-old child to come to an end,”
    Well, anyone ALSO LEARNS that committing a crime is wrong in grade school and even with proper parenting.

  • GrantG

    Deledtedagain said it best. Why are we always trying to paint criminals as wonderful people after they are killed? Better off dead, my tax dollars won’t have to feed him in prison.

  • ANDY G

    If a person is breaking the law he or she should not have the rights of a law abiding citizen. If a person gets struck by a car when jaywalking, is the driver held accountable for the jaywalkers injuries ? We have had a lot of people killed this year, and a lot of them were law abiding citizens I think it’s about time the tables are turned. We don’t like seeing anyone getting killed, but we would rather see the bad guy go then someone who is doing no wrong.

  • Connor

    If you check Craig Stingley’s, Corey’s father, CCAP record you’ll see he owes well over $100,000 to various creditors. Sorry, but a man who throughout his child’s life never paid his bills instill onto the child that yes, it’s okay to steal. Craig Stingley’s actions are what lead to Corey’s stealing and ultimate death. To expect a payout is absurd. Any money received should go to pay his creditors. He is 56 years old, looks pretty damn healthy to me, so his useless, leeching butt should be working & paying his debts. Piss poor parent who showed his kid to not be responsible. Father’s fault only.

  • Opinion8d

    Please stop showing ‘the good old boy’ pictures like this was some innocent kid. Why not highlight the picture of him reaching in the register or stealing the bottle of alcohol??? Those actions are what caused his death. Showing him as some clean cut kid is done simply to sway the story.

  • IJS

    According to the comments that I have read it appears that people support death penalty for misdemeanor theft. SMH!!

    • Opinion8d

      @IJS -Right, people are suggesting it’s okay to kill him for misdemeanor theft -get a clue! He was the one that caused the problem to begin with and had he no fought to get away, there would have been no reason for three people to try and hold him down. Instead of blaming everyone else, his family and you should look at his actions and hold him accountable for what happened. I’m sure you feel the same way about the 17yr old that got killed trying to rob the guy too then -simply armed robbery shouldn’t be a death sentence right??

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