“Weapons were taken illegally:” Black Panthers say child elbowed by officer during confrontation caught on camera

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MILWAUKEE -- An arrest -- and a child elbowed in the mouth by an officer. Members of the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party aren't happy with how an event ended Wednesday, December 28th -- and they said it's all on video.

The Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party held a news conference on Thursday afternoon, December 29th.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD

The allegations stem from an outdoor food pantry event that took place Wednesday, December 28th. Police said a member of the party was improperly handling a weapon. Members of the party said this is the latest act of harassment they've seen from MPD -- and they claim a child was hurt in the process.

Cell phone video shows the confrontation between members of the party and Milwaukee police.

A spokesman for MPD said officers were responding to a call regarding a person with a gun near W. Fond du Lac Avenue. Officers then monitored a group of armed demonstrators and saw someone improperly handling a shotgun.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD

Members of the party said this was no demonstration -- but an effort to feed the community.

"We have held a 'feed people program' in that same location for months prior to this without any incident," Vaun Mayes with the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party said.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD

The person police said was unsafely handling a gun is a 21-year-old Milwaukee man. Once interviewed by officers, it was discovered he had an open warrant for his arrest. Officers said party members began circling police and had to be physically moved back.

The 21-year-old was arrested.

Police said the shotgun in his possession was inventoried for safe-keeping.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD

"Weapons were taken illegally. One was returned. The other was held, along with our comrade who was taken on a petty warrant," Mayes said.

Members of the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party said they feel they're being harassed by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD

"We`ve been followed, filmed and monitored by MPD," Mayes said.

During Wednesday's confrontation, a 10-year-old girl says she was elbowed in the mouth by an officer -- resulting in a busted lip.

"I had went over to my mom and dad because I was scared," Nya Bryant said.

Nya Bryant

Nya Bryant

Police said they've reached out to the family over the allegation, and have yet to hear back.

"Our mission will not be deterred by these tactics," General Jamal Cannon with the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party said.

Bryant's mother said she attempted to file a complaint against the officer on Wednesday night, but was told the child needed to be questioned before that could happen. She plans on hiring an attorney.

Confrontation between Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party and MPD


  • deletedagain

    For years now we have been hearing stories of police brutality. In 99% of the cases what happened was due to breaking the law and resisting arrest. It’s like crying wolf so often that no one listens anymore. No one cares.


    Just like isis in recruiting them early. She was probably mouthing off and got in the way of the arrest. Why were they at a food pantry with shotguns? They got the attention they wanted. What’s their mission, lawsuits?

  • Al

    hey retard open carry does not allow shotguns or rifles it’s for handguns. not to mention the idiot had a warrant and was standing outside of a food pantry with a shotgun with the rest of the black Clan

  • Observations99

    These are the same guys posting videos on Facebook of them waving rifles around and chanting about killing “crackas” …. Sounds like a hate group to me.

  • confused

    Isn’t weird that any time a cop is involved there is video. But there are caught on tape robbers and hardly ever does anyone step up and say that’s my son/dad/neighbor/sister etc. No one manages to tape family shooting disputes, beat downs on the corners after a bar fight, or being shot in the car by another car going by. Weird that.

  • Gary Hamilton

    Give me a break a petty warrant! If the low life had a warrant out on him he shouldn’t have been walking around with a gun. What type of idiots walk around with guns to give food to the hungry. When the police are arresting someone and obnoxious scumbags encircle police that is an act of aggresion. The police should let these pieces of trash kill each other!

  • Judas Priest

    F*ck these Terrorists, round them up along with the kkk and create a real life thunderdome. I am sick of these race baiters playing this crap. I work with all races and we all get along. It is bottom feeders like this that screw crap up with their hate.

  • Mayor's Claw Hand

    Ahh the suburban life is great these days….. mayor clawhand and chief booser really let the milwaukee ship sink…. but at least you have the general to protect you… just a thought if the inner city hates the police so much why do they constantly call them? Maybe the police should pull out and protect the neighborhoods that can still provide a suitable life for a child.

  • Mike

    Hey Fox, quit with the liberal reporting. The child looks perfectly fine in the pictures, and there is NOT a video of a cop elbowing her. And why aren’t you mentioning the video of these criminals walking and chanting about not only killing cops, but killing all white people? yeah, that video was all over social media a few days ago. Yet it doesn’t fit your agenda of spreading and making money off of the “victimization of blacks” so you won’t report it.

  • Sue

    I love how the black panthers can just walk around, but if the KKK did that we’d have all sorts of problems. Black people are the most racist people alive.

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