“I was shocked:” Car theft in broad daylight captured on surveillance near 108th and Hampton

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MILWAUKEE -- A car theft captured on camera. The victim got her car back, but the thieves are still out there.car-theft3

The victim only left her car for 15 minutes before it was stolen. She's now warning others it could happen to anyone.

"I was shocked. I was more shocked than anything," said the victim.

She never though it would happen to her.

"Ten to 15 minutes, I went out, it was gone," said the victim.

In front of her home near 108th and Hampton, her parked car was stolen in broad daylight Thursday afternoon, December 29th.

"It just makes you feel like you're not safe anymore," said the victim.car-theft

Surveillance captured thieves in a silver car pull up, someone jumps out and takes off the victim's Chrysler.

"I went to the camera system after I called police and that's when I saw a silver car kept circling by and the guy jumped out and got in my car and zoomed off," the victim said.surveillance

She admits she was heating her car with the keys inside. Just as she thought her vehicle would be gone forever, a call from police changed that.

Hours later, the car was found with a flat tire and a mess inside.

"They abandoned it in front of someone's house," said the victim.

She shares the surveillance with the hope someone knows who did it.

"Something needs to be done," said the victim.car-theft2

The victim is happy to have her car back. She wants others to learn from her mistakes, and not take any changes.

"It's just sad people come and do stuff like that when you work hard for your stuff," the victim said.

If you know anything about this car theft you are asked to call police. Meantime, the victim says she'll be investing in a remote car starter and a club to keep her car safe.


  • confused

    Yes ! caught on camera now turn them in ! Since they already HAD a car there was no reason to steal hers-even if she was letting it warm up in front of her own home.

    • Realist

      Exactly!! Find the thieves and string them up by their privates, but how idiotic for someone to leave the keys in a running, unlocked car. The city has gone to hell, so don’t give the effing thugs an easy opportunity.

  • jeffreyfojtik

    Sorry, but you have to be pretty stupid to leave your car running unattended. I mean, really. Then you’re surprised it’s gone? You live in Killwaukee. All to warm it up. Doesn’t get much dumber than that. Here’s some advice for you. Start your car, let it run a minute and drive off. And guess what happens next. In about 4 minutes it will be about 80 degrees inside. Got it? Oh, wear a coat, gloves and perhaps a hat. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

  • nikki

    No matter if she made a mistake no one has to take what most of us have to work very hard for! Walk a mile in her shoes before you criticize.

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