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Dog named “Scarface” mauls woman after attempting to put sweater on him

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TAMPA, FL — When owners attempted to put a sweater on a pit bull mix in Florida, it attacked three family members, one seriously, police say.

According to WTSP, the dog’s 52-year-old owner tried to put a sweater on the pit bull mix named Scarface, but the dog attacked her.

The woman’s husband, a 46-year-old, attempted to pull the dog off his wife but the dog then started to attack him. Officials say a third person, a 22-year-old man, also intervened — stabbing the dog in the head and neck.

WTSP reports the dog began attacking the 22-year-old. All three were able to escape into the house, leaving the dog in the backyard.

Animal control and police were called to the scene and according to WTSP, they shot the dog with a tranquilizer gun. The dog was able to get into the home, where two children were inside in the back room. Officers deployed a bean bag gun and stun gun to subdue the dog.

The dog was eventually captured by using a “catch pole” by animal control.

The three people injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. They are expected to be OK.


  • Common sense

    These kind of dogs are simply not worth it ! Plain stupid to own one and criminal in my opinion to have one anywhere near children. Wake up people…pros versus cons to owning this kind of dog !

    • jeffmartin254

      There are things called statistics Einstein..they keep track of the breeds that bite..not only bite but more often cause death in the attack. Dogs are bred with certain traits genius and Pit Bulls are bred to not only bite but to kill..they are time bombs, just like ignorant trash who keep them and like you, try to make excuses for them. The evidence is there if you would only be smart enough to operate a computer or read.

  • Jeff

    There are so many pit bull attacks that you have to very specific in order to pull up the correct incident. I don’t even have to look..there will be at least one poster who says that it is not the dog but the owners who are at fault and to a degree this is correct because nobody should own a fricken dog that is bred to kill other dogs and will kill you too for no good reason. This breed is very popular with no class sub culture types who admire gratuitous violence and the threat of violence…so they just got a little taste….Bon apatite.

  • Metal Maniac

    If you want to adopt a dog, these are pretty much the only dogs avalable. People use them to fight, have tons of puppies and when they get busted by the cops all those puppies go to the shelter. Then all the hipsters wanna save the world types buy them and say “i can change them, they will be a good dog.” Fact is these dogs were meant/bred for killing other dogs and people. Miami bans these dogs and other cities should too!

    • jeffmartin254

      And then there are the trash humans who just want a dog with a bad theirs. I would be down for this if the only recipients of the attacks were the owners..that would be pure kharma but unfortunately they attack without discrimination. I agree, the breed should not be on the planet and I mean all of them,cross breeds, mixes, every one of them.

  • Bobby

    I see mix was used to describe the dog. I guess one drop of pit blood was enough. I am a purebred pit owner. She loves little children and everybody. You pit haters hide away with your phobia. I meet you everywhere. If you met juju the pitbull she would teach you the truth. It is you with the problem.

  • M

    Our next door nabor has a Pitbull but they abuse him hes a puppy. They yell at him. & abuse him by keeping him locked in the back yard everyday. He went for my Father who Elderly then my Mother who can’t run fast . He jumps in our yard who we have 2 small & a older dog . They have him changed up but most of all these Nabors i wish they moved away from where we live but there nosey not nice & liveing with them I hate liveing by them.

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