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Young mother gunned down in her home; family says suspect sought is father of her child

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MILWAUKEE -- A young mother is the second homicide victim of 2017 in Milwaukee. Police said they know who the shooter is -- and relatives of the victim said they do too.

Hakeem Tucker

Hakeem Tucker

The family of 18-year-old Stephanie Jones said the suspect is her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Hakeem Tucker, and the father of her child.

Relatives said Jones' father, a 54-year-old, was also wounded in the shooting.

Police now need your help locating Tucker.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones

Patrick Bills was overcome by emotion Tuesday, January 3rd as he stood outside the front door of his cousin's home.

Police said Stepanie Jones was shot and killed inside her home early Tuesday morning.

"I'm sick because I have no cousin. Now she has a baby with no mother and is going to grow up with no father. She was a good girl. She wasn't a bad person and now, my cousin's gone because of some dirt bag," said Bills.

Court records show Tucker is out on probation for a 2015 armed robbery. He's convicted of robbing a schoolmate who told investigators he was lending his Xbox to Tucker, who responded by pulling out a gun.

In March, he was sentenced to serve 40 months in prison and 36 months extended supervision -- but that sentence was stayed -- and Tucker was placed on probation for three-and-a-half years. Double shooting near 41st & North

The criminal complaint says the victim asked "are you serious?" to which Tucker replied, "It's cut-throat season."patrick-bills

"Life is too short. As you can see, we are dropping like flies. Life is too short to keep a grudge on your shoulder and living life the way we're living," said Bills.

Bills said the hardest part of this latest tragedy is that his cousin won't get to raise her daughter and the little girl won't get to know her mother.

"She had a good heart. If she could help you, she would. If she knew something to tell you, she'd tell you. Stephanie was a good person, she really was and it's just hard for me because she's gone," said Bills.stephanie-jones-home

Police said the man who was shot is being treated for a serious gunshot wound. Again, relatives say that man is Stephanie Jones' father.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones

If you see Hakeem Tucker, you are asked to call 911 and those with information only can call the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7360.

Google Map for coordinates 43.060625 by -87.964631.


  • Truth Seeker

    The way this keeps going, Milwaukee will beat Chicago in homicides! What a shame! 2017 is really not looking good for this city at start of the New Year!

    • Bill Dillard

      Naw Chicago had damn near 800 killings. Ain’t no way Milwaukee will make a dent in that number. Might get to 100 but not no where near what Chicago is. I just wish this crap would come to an end and this stupid justice system here would start throwing the book at these repeat offenders and stupid teens so they can stay off the streets

      • RLB

        Per capita (that,s per 1,00 residents) for those of you uninformed, Milwuakee out does Chicago. Nice work Mayor Barret and Chief Flynn.

      • Bill Dillard

        Its always that one negative smart ass that has been to come on here and prove a point of nothing but pure stupidity. The point I’m getting across is this justice system needs to start picking them up with no type of leniency what so ever. You commit a crime and are convicted, you can’t get a plea deal. That’s the damn problem now. These same idiots keep getting on on plea deals only to be out doing the same s***t and killing and harming innocent lives all over bs.

  • The boss

    I swear I hward this shooting. There were about 5 or 6 gunshots. It’s getting scarier and scarier living in this city. The Devil doesn’t take a day off. Evemy during holidays of joy and happiness evil people still strike.

  • deletedagain

    Why do these women always pick losers? . And who’s going to support the kid when he’s in prison? The loss of his support payments will be devastating.

    • RLB

      You ask who’s going to support the kid when he’s in prison and that the loss of his support payments will be devastating?? You are just kidding, Deletedagain, right? This sperm donor would never have raised the kid regardless and he certainly wouldn’t pay anything in child support either!

  • Huh !

    Don’t be so harsh…he’s probably just another black male, repeat offender with mental health issues due to society expecting him to be a responsible husband/boyfriend or parent ???
    I hope the poor child gets proper love and care !!!

  • Requesting accountability

    I am a parent and part of the responsibility of being a parent is to be mature and secure a mate the same. I don’t understand the choices other women make- as in are you stupid or out of your blanking mind. Of those impacted by this tragedy my heart goes out to the child.

  • #whitelivesmattermorebecausetheypayforstuff

    A clear cut case for black lives matter. Where are we meeting guys? Sherman park, red arrow park, the middle of I-94? As long as it’s not an all nighter, we all gotta go to work tomorrow.

  • Country Gal

    I’m sad. Sad for her son, sad for her family, sad for everyone this has touched. She didn’t deserve this and her child darn sure didn’t deserve this. They WILL catch you creep! You can run, but you can’t hide forever! Sending out love and good vibes to her son, family and friends. Rest Peacefully young lady, watch over your Son, Family and and protect them, lead them down righteous paths Angel.

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