Scarface, pit bull mix who attacked family after they tried to put sweater on him is euthanized

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TAMPA, Florida — Officials say a dog that attacked a Florida family who tried to put a sweater on it has been euthanized.

Hillsborough County spokeswoman Kara Walker told the Tampa Bay Times ( ) Tuesday, January 3rd that the pit bull mix named Scarface was put down because it posed a high risk to the public and because it suffered severe stab wounds during the attack.

Tampa police say the dog bit a 52-year-old woman who was trying to dress it Friday, and that her husband was attacked while trying to pull it off her. Police say the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked while trying to stop the dog by stabbing it in the neck and head.

The three escaped the house and left the dog in the backyard. They ended up in the hospital.


    • J.d.m

      So just because a stupid person that obviously didn’t know her dog well enough decided to play dress up the poor dog was put to sleep? Give me a break! They could have taken the poor dog to the many places that we have in this country to help the dog. My aunt had a little dog and every time she tried to put a coat or any clothing on her she would snap and bite. The clothing scared her or something so guess what my aunt did, she stopped trying to dress up her dog.

      • Dogstar

        No kidding. It is my firm belief that first time dog owners (which these people seems to be) should not be allowed to adopt pits, or any dog over 30 pounds. Not cuz pits fit the stupid and completely false stereotype, but because whenever a clueless dog owner forces the dog in a situation where it might fear-bite because the owner doesn’t understand dog language – all the sudden its national news “OMG PITBULL BITES”.

        All dogs can and do bite, but only when a pitlike dog bites does it make national news. Nevermind that there 5 odd million pits in the US that live happily, one bites and OMG vicious. Thing is, ive been searching and cant find any info beyond a)they didnt have the dog for long b) they were putting a sweater on it c) it bit the lady, her husband got involved, it started “attacking” and the son stabbed it. We have no other info. How did the people train it? Was it ever tested for temperment? Was it showing fear they ignored? Did it fear nip and upon getting kicked/shoved for nipping react? Was it from a shelter and still showing kennel stress? We just dont know. Ive been around and training dogs all my life, including many, many pits. Never been bit by a pit, my one serious bit was by a lab mix. Pits are just dogs. Not demons, not angels. Just dogs, like any other.

  • howboutthempackers

    What an idiot! How did she even think that was a good idea?? The high temp in Tampa on Friday was 65 degrees. That dog did not need a sweater.

  • Lisa

    Just as the others have commented, yet again some clueless person who does not consider or acquire the right amount of info about a breed before getting a dog. I have had different types of dogs for the pastime 12 years, including a pitbull and a Stafford shire, and out of all of them the only one that had shown any signs of aggression is our little, 12 lbs chi/terrier who is always grumpy even as a puppy. Our late pitbull was the sweetest dog, who always took care of our girls, would sleep right next to them and who would make rounds during the nights throughout the house making sure everyone was fine and safe. I detest all these women that want to dress their dogs, you want to dress someone, have a child, or adopt a child or dress your grandkids. Dogs are not humans!!! REALLY. Do you see other animals running around in a sweater? I don’t think so. Even though dogs are pets, they are still animals. But of course, it’s the dog’s fault for it’s reaction. And, the fact it’s a breed that has a negative stigma, it’s the dog’s fault. May I remind people that pitbull and Stafford shires were originally bred to pull carts in coal mines, they are a working breed, and English nobility had them as nanny dogs to protect children. But, apparently, ignorance is bliss! I guess being at the ER was bliss for this family.

  • Sheila

    Some people don’t deserve to be pet owners. Makes me wonder what other things they have tried to do with this dog prior to this incident.

  • Cynthia Ciallella

    The dog most likely gave a warning which they ignored. Any dog owner knows this. I own a pit he is the most gentle soul so not the breed. He obviously was put in a situation he did not want to be and they should have known that by knowing their dog such a sad situation

  • Ari

    I am disgusted by the sheer lack of humanity or empathy in these comments. Logically speaking no dog should ever attack THREE people because of discomfort. Growling, snapping, and biting should not lead into a full-blown assault on people just because they attempted to do something cutesy that millions of other people do with their dogs every day.
    I for one am relieved the dog is gone because it sounds like there was a lot more to its instability than just not liking things passed over its head or what have you. We cannot save them all and sometimes the kindest thing for their own peace and safety is to euthanize, working in a shelter taught me that hard lesson.
    As someone who was attacked by a dog I knew well because of a serious illness that literally ate at their brain (necropsy was done). I had to watch and wait for 2 weeks before the dog was euthanized after it attacked another person for passing a bowl over its head, something we had done for years to ask for a sit before eating. In our case it was an untreatable medical condition but the fact that the dog was allowed a second chance to attack is what I am glad to see was avoided here. I live with the guilt of not pushing harder to put my dog out of its misery, maybe there was only a month before disease took them or maybe another year but there should never have been another person feeling that dogs teeth biting into their skin. *genders removed for privacy*

  • Bonnie Langley

    I am a true blue animal lover. however any animal I have that bites me on purpose would be put down. I treat my animals very well. U don’t bite the hand that feeds u. . 3 people is way too crazy. They did the right thing.

  • Eric Vincent

    Just have to look at the other pitbull attack videos even just on this page. Maulings and deaths on an inordinate frequency. No one can train a pit deep enough it seems to entirely remove that aspect of their personality and no one NEEDS to have a proven vicious dog breed not even mentally-disturbed insecure-macho gang-banging trailer-trash DJT types.

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