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Excuses for not exercising: Get rid of your reasons for skipping the gym, but how?

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MILWAUKEE -- You're too busy, too hungry, too full. Have you ever used these excuses to skip exercising? Ashley Haag of Ellipse Fitness and Fashionably Fit joins Real Milwaukee to help you build a no-excuse mentality.

Plan ahead
Use your calendar and schedule your workouts. If you skip them then you put money in a jar (maybe)

Do not have an all or nothing mentality. Small steps equal big results

Schedule your cheats. Food is just important as exercise.

Always have snacks on hand.

Always have a plan at the gym so you can get in, get out and get on with your day. Schedule a class or small group session, or tear out workout cards out of the magazine or visit my website.

Have your gym bag always ready to go.

Workout out in the morning so in the afternoon when you are tired you cant make that excuses.
even if you don`t feel like it go for 10 minutes. The next thing you know you will be there longer than 10 minutes.

Buy a fitbit and no matter what you have to hit 10k steps a day. You gotta feel that thing buzz.

A small workout is better than no workout.

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