Family says woman found dead near 23rd & Hadley had no heat in her home: “You have to check on them”

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office is investigating a possible cold weather related death. A family found their 48-year-old relative frozen in her home on Thursday afternoon, January 5th. They're now encouraging others to check on their loved ones.

Zondra Nash

Zondra Nash

The official cause of death won't be known until an autopsy is done on Friday.

Family members told FOX6 News the woman's electricity was shut off months ago. With wind chills below zero on Thursday, they asked that you make sure everyone you know is OK.

Family members said the temperature inside the home near 23rd and Hadley was freezing.

Zondra Nash's home near 23rd and Hadley

"It literally feel like it`s -2 degrees. I looked, and when I got to the bedroom, she was laying on the floor," sister-in-law Katrinan Nash said.

The woman's sister Zeldra Strong found her sister's frozen body in her home. Zondra Nash was 48 years old.

"Neighbors in the upstairs say my sister was going over there to sleep because it was so cold," Timothy Nash, Zondra's brother said.

Zeldra Strong

Zeldra Strong

The family said they were told by the medical examiner that the death is not a result of the early January cold snap. Instead, they said the woman likely passed away weeks ago. The medical examiner is looking into what role, if any, the weather played in her death.

An autopsy Friday could reveal more.

"Everything was off. The water was frozen in cups and bowls," Timothy Nash said.

Timothy Nash

Timothy Nash

What was certain Thursday -- in her last moments, Zondra Nash was not living comfortably. The heat was turned off. Nash's family said she suffered from depression and refused to open her door -- even for them.

"We sent birthday cards and everything, and now we came out there and they are still in the mailbox," Timothy Nash said.

With winter far from over, Zondra Nash's family is urging others to check on family members, no matter your relationship with them.

"You have to check on them. You really do," Timothy Nash said.

Zondra Nash's home near 23rd and Hadley

"I felt something was wrong -- and I am always telling people, you should check on your family. You don`t know what they are going through," Zeldra Strong

We Energies officials will not shut off heat until April, as we're in what's called a heating moratorium period during the winter. However, power may still be out for customers who were disconnected before November.


We Energies officials said they don't comment on specific customers -- but they do work with customers who call.  The family says they have lingering questions about why their relative's power remained off.

Zondra Nash's home near 23rd and Hadley

We could learn more about this death as soon as Friday -- when the autopsy is completed.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Mark

    stuff like this is just heart wrenching. Especially is she did indeed die from not having any heat. Nobody should suffer like that.

    • aroseisarose

      The family said she may have been dead for weeks. Why didn’t they check on her? Her electricity was most likely shut off before the November moratorium, but it didn’t get really cold until early December. I know from experience that Wis Electric won’t turn off the power after Nov 1.

    • Jen

      Sometimes good people fall on really hard times. Not everyone is neglectful of their responsibilities on purpose! Mental health issues of any kind sometimes makes it even harder for good people to do the responsible thing. Luckily, i don’t suffer from any mental health issues and have the means to pay my bills but it doesn’t prevent me from understanding the plight of others. And before you go there, I am NOT poor or liberal. And I dont make excuses for, or feel bad for most people who create bad situations for themselves due to poor decision making. Just sayin’!

    • Common Sense

      Let’s try to use a little bit of logic here (this may be a struggle for you) if she could afford her to prevent her energy being cut off Im 100% sure she would have. And it takes even more money to move to another place. She suffered from depression on top of that.. don’t hurt yourself putting all of this information together :)

  • guest72

    “I am always telling people, you should check on your family,” But you’re just now finding out that your sister hadn’t picked up her mail for weeks, gone to the neighbors to sleep, didn’t answer her door? You didn’t take care of your own, so you’re looking for someone else to blame.

  • Ghost of the Gipper

    No one should have to perish because of utilities. This is awful. Company should monitor usage on the home, knowing the meter is not running should ring a bell. They monitor everyone else when their late and make sure their credit gets dinged.

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