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FurKids shelter takes unique approach to getting cats into forever homes; their commercial blowing up online

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ATLANTA — An animal shelter in Atlanta released the “purr-fect” video — and it’s blowing up online!

The video shows a man who sounds like a used car salesman trying to get cats adopted from FurKids. Officials say it’s Georgia’s largest no-kill shelter.

“So how long have you been waiting to be adopted? You like hungry cats? We’ve got some of the hungriest cats you’ve ever seen! Seriously! We can’t get them to stop eating! How are you so small? You never stop eating, fatty. Our cats are very enthusiastic about going home with you. We’re practically giving them away!” the man says in the video.

Other parts of the video show an amazing self-cleaning cat that’s actually just licking its own paw.

The video ends with a spoof of the Sarah McLachlan song “Angel,” which is used in anti-animal cruelty videos.

Apparently, the whole video was shot in about a half-hour.

Below is more information about the commercial from the CEO and founder of FurKids:

“We were hoping to create a funny video that would inspire people to adopt and support our animals. It is a message Furkids has been fervently and passionately sharing for 15 years. Along came Paul Preston and he offered to take the message in a different direction. Paul is the brainchild behind this organic, spur of the moment effort, which was entirely improvised and done on the spot.

Paul’s humor has really resonated with people and we could not be happier! Our excitement at the incredible response from the world is beyond measure!

Paul is the brother of Helen Preston, one of our long time volunteers. They arrived at our cat shelter on a Saturday afternoon after a day of adoptions and said they wanted to film. Our Adoption Team Manager, Nicole Neill, who also doubles as the impersonating wacky arm waiving inflatable, helped them. The filming took 30 minutes and Paul edited for an hour or so. The payment was a couple of cans of cat food for the cat stars!

The reaction has been amazing! We are seeing a lot of positive comments of people wanting to adopt. People not fearing shelters. People praising the good comedy and our authentic love for our animals and desire to find them homes. We have received an increase in adoption applications for our animals and for Paul, of course! Who wouldn’t want this comedian in their home? We have also received kind support from people around the US and the world!

The animals and Furkids scored a big victory with this video! We hope it inspires people to visit their local animal shelters and adopt, volunteer and offer support!”

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