“A real tragedy:” Gas station employee killed with baseball bat during struggle with shoplifting suspect

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MILWAUKEE -- An employee at the BP gas station near 26th and Lisbon died during a confrontation with a shoplifting suspect Thursday morning, January 5th.

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

The gas station employee, identified as Harjinder Singh, was 34 years old, and died from injuries suffered during a struggle with the suspect. Police on Thursday confirmed the weapon that ended his life was a baseball bat.

"I was on my way to work and it's just -- again, and again, and again. It's a new year and someone else has lost a family member. It's sad. It really is," said Marva Baker, business owner.

This was the third homicide in five days in Milwaukee as we begin 2017.

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Investigators say around 9:00 a.m., a male suspect stole something from the gas station and the gas station employee chased after him. Outside, there was a struggle, and the 34-year-old employee suffered fatal injuries.

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

"Milwaukee -- wake up! Our sons and daughters are dying on these streets and this is not right. No one would lose anyone, enough is enough," said Baker.

Across the street from the gas station is Dep's Hall of Fades Barbershop and Beauty Salon. Employees there said they knew the victim and were shocked when they learned what occurred.

"I would go to the gas station for orange juice and coffee and I would see him behind the counter. It was a real tragedy that happened, you know?" said Darrell Pate, Dep's Hall of Fades owner.

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Alisha Graham said she and the victim had nicknames for each other and would go out of their way to say hello.

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

"We would shine a light through the window at each other -- like a little beam and say 'hi,' you know? It's like a silent understanding," said Graham.

The gas station opened for customers shortly after noon on Thursday.

It's not known yet who the baseball bat belonged to.

The search continues for the suspect.


    • 2017willbebetter

      I don’t know what I would do. Its your job to man the store. If it’s a family store it truly is your liveyhood. Back in the 80’s at the gas station where I worked, I caught a serial shoplifter. Police came, court date etc. I worked alone at night. Every night a member of this person’s family would let the air out of my tires, empty the dumpster, bust lights, etc. Every night. That person(ended up being the MOM!) found herself in court for a lot of things (only the store damage not my car). I was terrified and the station did not care-all they wanted was that $5 of stuff.I decided making $3.35/hour & being at the beck and call, trying to find a sitter and then being hung out to dry was not worth it. Longest 2 weeks notice of my life. Every dirty horrid duty they could think for me to do before I left. I do not shop at that chain and never will. I would walk with a gas can to another town if i had to. I will not mention the chain name but other who have worked it know how it is.

  • Peanut

    i like the guy on google streetview flipping off the camera pulling out of that bp (visible from the southbound lane of 27th). sad story, though, nobody deserves to go that way.

  • Sheila Moyet

    Thank you Barrett for creating a city of crime and violence by closing your eyes and making excuses. How you were voted back into office I will NEVER understand. Milwaukee has NEVER been this bad.

  • deletedagain

    It’s a good thing there were no customers to help because they might have hurt the SOB. And certainly a concealed carry, honest citizen can’t take action because there are too many supporting the criminals.

  • Bill Dillard

    People keep blaming the mayor and the cops. It’s neither. Two reason this city is horrible now. The leniency justice system that keeps giving these stupid fools slaps on the wrist to let them run the streets and the people who make those bad choices to taint Milwaukee. Milwaukee isn’t the only city in Wisconsin people that has crime. We are just the only city to have national attention unlike Racine, Kenosha, Greenfield, and etc. Stop pointing the fingers at the officials who are nothing but paid puppets. Everyday we are all out here and see things happen and never report them but we sure know how to give our opinion after something bad happens. When you see that car flying pass you and running that red light do you get the plate number? No you don’t. You mind your own business. So stop it with the bull crap blaming. The way to get these fools off the street and to report what you see. I can bet most of the people that make the comments on these types of post don’t even live in the inner city. Wake up people. The only we can take back our city is CCW and speak up.

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