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“This is gonna be bad!” Caught on camera, giant spool of wire falls from truck, barrels toward oncoming traffic

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Pennsylvania — A giant spool of wire fell from a truck on a Pennsylvania interstate, and didn’t stop as it barreled toward oncoming traffic!

A driver pulled out his cell phone and caught the frightening ordeal on video.

Originally from Alabama, Dave Cole has seen a lot while driving across the country.

“Seen quite a few accidents — but nothing quite like that!” Cole said.

Cole shot remarkable video of a massive wooden wire spool rolling down Route 40 toward Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

“As I come around the corner I see a spool of wire heading down the opposing lane,” Cole said.

The spool likely rolled off the trailer seen in the video — keeping pace with the spool as gravity did its thing.

“It was probably eight to 10 feet wide and I’d say just guessing a couple thousand pounds. Pretty good size roll of wire. I was probably going 20 mph and it was leaving me way behind,” Cole said.

Cars in the opposite direction dodged the big wheel of wood and wire as a single thought raced through Cole’s mind the entire time.

“This is gonna be bad if it hits one of the oncoming cars,” Cole said.

As seen in the video, Cole had to deal with a wheel of his own!

“That was a spare tire that came off the trailer I believe the spool came off of,” Cole said.

The spool eventually stopped, but not before it tried to jump back over the barrier.

Amazingly, that’s all the big wood wheel of wire impacted.

“We do a lot of traveling and hauling. That’s key to make sure your load is secure. Obviously they didn’t have the right equipment there. Luckily everybody was OK — but it was pretty crazy,” Cole said.

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